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blink 182: US (Holmdel), August 5, 2011
Blink-182's first show of the Honda Civic Tour with My Chemical Romance was outstanding. This was played at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ on 8/5/11.
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US (Holmdel), August 5, 2011 Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 02, 2011
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Sound: Blink-182's first show of the Honda Civic Tour with My Chemical Romance was outstanding. Gerard from MCR sounded pretty good and the lead singer of Manchester Orchaestra had me head bobbing which I didn't expect. But, this is a review of Blink 182... And Mark and Tom sounded amazing as always. Tom used his signature Gibson, both the white one and his classic brown with cream stripe which now appears worn and abused with blink's smiley on the front. I did have some problems with the audio, Mark's microphone was much lower than Tom's, but it didn't interfere with my hearing of him too much. The quality was excellent, no crackling or malfunctions what'soever. // 9

Perfomance: The audience was great, during all the old songs the crowd sang along and even during the new ones everyone seemed to get into it. 01) Feeling This - Totally unexpected, I was ready for Dumpweed... but with the way the drums sounded and the flashing lights it may have been the best performance of it ever. When Travis started I got goosebumps. 02) Up All Night - I wasn't a fan of this song at first, but after seeing it live I like it much better. Everyone knew it well enough to sing along. Live debut! 03) The Rock Show - Singing along and jumping from the crowd to go with a ton of energy coming off of Mark and Tom. Excellent. 04) What's My Age Again - You can guess how amazing it was. Sadly, Mark didn't mention his asian friend. 05) Down - Mark: "Hey Tom." Tom: "Hey what?" Mark: "Show me how you get down!" Tom: "No way." Mark: "Show me how you get down!" Tom: "Ok!" *insert start of song* Epic. 06) I Miss You - Most awesome laser-light show ever. 07) Stay Together For The Kids - The old Tom is back... just throwing that out there. This song put any arguments to rest vocally. 08) Dumpweed - They prefaced this song by asking who had been a blink fan for more than 10 years... lots of cheering...then Tom said "This is probably the first song you ever heard us play." 09) Always - Again... old Tom is back... lots of Dad jokes and burping. 10) Violence - They killed it. No lyrical pun intended. I wanted to see some drums and Mark's friend Travis started off better than any youtube video I've seen. 11) After Midnight - Probably my second favorite of their new songs. It was really good. Live Debut! 12) First Date - "I hate it when you go to a show and all the band plays is their new music... because you know you want to hear their old shit. Well, here it is." - Tom Before starting the song. 13) Heart's All Gone - Not really ready for this one as it came out the day before. Too late to pump me up with being a new song, but too soon to learn the words. 14) Man Overboard - Tom talked about how this song is about Scott Raynor (old drummer for those who don't know), then mentioned how Scott was in the audience. "There's so much more that I wanted and there's so much more that I needed and time keeps moving on and on and on.... soon I'll _________ your mom!" 15) Ghost On The Dancefloor - My favorite of the new songs, it gave me chills. It's the first song on the new album and I can't wait to hear the studio version. Live debut! 16) All The Small Things - I even screamed like a fan girl. 17) Josie - Last song before the "End"... But you knew they were coming back they always tell you. It was pretty good, but I would have rather heard Adam's Song as it's my favorite Blink song. I'm guessing they won't play it anymore since DJAM. ENCORE 18) Travis Solo - He played it to his single Can A Drummer Get Some. He proved why even in his mid-30s he's still one of the best there is. 19) Carousel - Classic. 20) Dammit - Wrapped it all up in a nice, neat package. Unfortunately Tom didn't yell "Take your pants off!" Maybe next time. The show's visual effects were awesome: cool lasers, smoke machines, and an awesome stage that looked somewhat like their album cover. // 10

Overall Impression: This was played at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ on 8/5/11 on the Honda Civic Tour. Opening act Manchester Orchaestra was good. "Co-Headliner" MCR was better. Blink did it best. The only two things that could have been done better were adjusting Mark's mic to be louder and the addition of Adam's Song to the setlist. Otherwise, it could not have been done better. My ticket was $80, worth every penny. On September 30 they play Phoenix, Az, which is close to my college... I hope to go and party again. // 10

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