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blink 182: USA (Hershey), August 12, 2009
Blink came out strong and came to party. Mark used his signature Pink P-bass and played his parts perfectly.
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USA (Hershey), August 12, 2009 Reviewed by: thisshipwassold, on august 14, 2009
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Sound: Blink came out strong and came to party. Mark used his signature Pink P-bass and played his parts perfectly. I can't think of an instance where Mark really made any mistakes either vocally or while playing. Tom on the other hand made quite a bit of mistakes both while playing and singing. At one point I think Tom slipped on the wet plastic stage-covering and just let the open strings ring out. Tom also forgot some of the words too but really at this point I think we're all used to Tom making mistakes. He played all his various versions of his striped Gibson and still played a fantastic show. Travis was by far the best. Always delivering a great show, Travis totally showed his higher level of musicianship and energy that has made him one of the best in the business. Together the band was tight and the only complaints were really just being because of the rain. The storm dampened the sound a little but overall it was a good sound for an open arena. // 9

Perfomance: It seemed like everyone in the audience was into the show. A few of us in the back of the front sections lead the audience during the opening acts in 'WE WANT BLINK' chants. There was a good 16,000 of us absolutely stoked to see this band. I personally have been waiting for 5 years to see them ever since the last time they came to Hershey in 2004. 01.Dumpweed: totally called it. The opening track from Enema and The Mark, Tom and Travis Show. Great opening which surprised me. From the performances on Letterman I was expecting Tom to forget more of the words or riffs and even to try to sing like he does in Angels And Airwaves. 02.Feeling This: a very expected second. Went off well. Tom forgot some of the lyrics but he apologies after the song and the crowd voted that he 'Failed at life and as a human being' while Mark and Travis did amazing as always. 03.The Rock Show: Mark pulled out the signature Pink p-bass on this one. Obviously a fan favorite. 04.Obvious: I was rather surprised with this one. I wasn't really expecting to hear this song. 05.What's My Age Again? 06.Easy Target: an other song I was surprised to hear. I thought it was their strongest of the night. 07.I Miss You: a favorite of all 7000 girls around me. I'm rather sick of the song having 4 sisters and living in a shared apartment with 3 girls for the past 4 years. It was well performed though most of the song was bass and the piano audio track. 08.Stay Together For The Kids: I wasn't exactly expecting this one but it was performed well. Any of Tom's mistakes were negligible and the song ended it applause. 09.Down: of course, an other video hit. 10.Always: started with the backtracks from the CD. A great performance on Travis' part. 11.Stockholm Syndrome: my favorite Blink song of all time. They played the letter beforehand 12.First Date: popular song which got a lot of fans singing. 13.Man Overboard: my personal favorite song of the night. 14.Going Away To College: an other one of my favorite Blink songs. Very reminiscent of TMTandTShow version. Tom started the song with a very appropriate. 'God I hope I remember how to play this.' 15.Not Now: an odd b-side for a show mainly dominated by Video Hits and lead singles. There was less singing during this one and it seemed to be the nights weakest song with the audience. 16.Adam's Song: popular sad song. A lot of singing from the the audience. 17.All The Small Things: Blinks biggest hit by far. It's had the same reaction as absolutely every other song through the night. Well played, need I say more? 18.Reckless Abandon: Mark started the song himself singing and They went into the actual song after wards. 19.Josie: fine performance, Mark and Tom went sliding around the stage cause of the wet plastic covering. 20.Anthem Pt. 2: popular song, you know the drill... 21.Carousel: the first song of the "Encore" Tom came onstage covered in towels continuing his running of being happy he's dry. Rather than go offstage and draw out the Encore in the rain, they just played the continuous set. 22.Dammit: the big finish. They had Wacky Waving -arm balloon guys. I think the one behind Tom didn't inflate cause instead there was just some random guy, I assume he was a roady or something Who was waving his arms instead. The usual f-bomb covered commenting and stories were between almost every song. Some of them were absolutely hilarious. At one point Tom was going to get a new guitar from the tech and he puts the guitar down on the wet plastic covered stage and slides it across the stage to the other side, grabbed the new guitar and yells into the microphone "F*ck you Doug! Haha!" and then Mark continue to push it further out of the tech's reach. Unfortunately due to the rain. The band was forced to take down most of their light show and Travis was unable to play his popular solo hoisted above the stage. But despite this, what lights they did have I thought were very well programmed with the songs and impressive. I'm a NIN fan and Blink got the same lighting guy who did the Beside You In Time tour for NIN so I think it would have been absolutely amazing light show. Having played festivals and been rained on I know the dangers of lights + rain first hand so I don't blame the band for things they cannot control, so I'm not taking away rating because of the lighting. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall it was a really great show, not the best I've ever seen but a real party. Hershey was a decent venue if it had been a nicer day but it would have been better inside the Giant Stadium but there would be far less seating. I got our tickets for a total of about $40. The most expensive tickets were about $70 which I was willing to buy but I was too late as they sold out fast. I wasn't a big fan of the opening acts; Chester French, Panic! at the Disco, and Fall Out Boy. Chester French didn't even play because of the rain but I wouldn't have heard them anyway because I was too busy getting patted down and having my car torn through by the Drug Task-Force in the parking lot so I had to stand in the rain that whole time. The police were a bit ridiculous in the parking lot both before and after the show. We had a group of under-ages across the row from us and there were plenty of sobbing girls sitting on their hoods with police on the way out of the parking lot. Despite all the efforts by the police, I could still smell a lot of weed inside the show which I expected. I hope I would get to see them a third time. Hopefully they comeback after they get this album out. // 10

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