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artist: blink 182 date: 08/08/2005 category: live concerts
blink 182: USA (Indianapolis), June 2, 2004
They came out with Easy Target (excelent choice) and at one point they played pretty much all of the new CD.
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 Perfomance: 8
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overall: 8
USA (Indianapolis), June 2, 2004 Reviewed by: dont abandon me, on august 08, 2005
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Sound: I saw a different review of this concert and it was totally bogus (many things left out/many errors). So I'll just give a more 'accurate' review. The sound was average. The drums would drown out the guitar from time to time and I could barely hear any bass. Tom used a flanger/phaser for most of the newer songs as well as adam's song. Travis' solo stole the show and near the end of it Tom played a solo of his own, scary. He used his Gibson hollow-body for the entire concert except during the medley, he then used his one-dimensional custom Fender. The quality of the sound wasn't anything too special, except for the use of effects. Not a lot of distortion. Their musial chemestry together has greatly improved since the 'Pop Disaster Tour' with Green Day. // 6

Perfomance: The playlist went as followes: 01. Feeling This - good opener, really got the croed into it. 02. Easy Target - nothing notable. 03. What's My Age Again - the crowd went absolutly nuts for this one. 04. Violence - nothing notable. 05. Rock Show - had a nice, slow bridge. Well timed mood shift. 06. I Miss You - also had a nice bridge. 07. Obvious - they played the begining of Dysentary Gary going into this song. A good teaser, even though I'd rather here the full song instead of Obvious. 08. Adam's Song - very short. Still good though. 09. First Date - nothing notable. 10. Go - incredibly short, maybe under a minute. 11. Asthenia - wasn't well played at all. 12. Always - nothing notable, good song though. 13. Here's Your Letter - a good, fast song. Very well played. 14. Stay Together For The Kids - best song of the night by far. Had a beautiful bridge. The song was about 7 minutes long (I know this because I have a copy of the show) and was very well played. Mark did a nice intro into it too. 15. Medley (Dumpweed, M&M's, Josie, Man Overboard) - my favorite part of the night! This was basically just the first verse and chorus of each song, not each song played in full. This was the highlight of the concert. 16. Reckless Abandon - a favorite song or mine, hence the username. 17. All The Small Things - overplayed, terribly poppy, simplistic, 3 chords and yet the teeny boppers can't get enough of this one. 18. Down - another nice, slow bridge with a good mood shift. 19. The Fallen Interlude (Travis' drum solo) - Travis is the best drummer out there today, and he has the skill to back it up. If you have the chance to see him play, most likely at warped with the Transplants, go see him! 20. Stockholm Syndrome - very dark song. They made it seem like the last one but then came. 21. Dammit - encore, great song, helluva way to end the night. I enjoyed the concert. Mark and Tom joked about their age a little bit. They acknowledged that Travis was playing with a broken foot although he played like nothing was wrong. There was the occasional penis joke between songs as well as a few orgasmic yells, but besides that they took themselves seriously for once. Before STFTK, Mark asked everyone to hold up their cell phones during the song. I thought that was very cool and appropriate for this one. // 8

Overall Impression: Verizon Wireless Concert Center, Indianapolis, Indiana. June 1, 2004. The Living End were a great opening act. Their bassist played a stand-up bass. No Doubt played after them. I went into the show not liking them because I thought the were too poppy and centered too much around Gwen Stefani. But, they weren't that bad at all. It was more reggae/ska then pop. I loved the medley, esspecially M&M's. It was $40 for a general admission ticket but it was worth it. Blink gave off a good vibe and I left the concert wanting more. They didn't play enough older stuff in my opinion. I really wanted to hear Carousel and maybe some Apple Shampoo and Lemmings as well but I wasn't too upset. I hope Blink gets back together for another tour or at least a few more shows because they do put on an entertaining concert. I would definitly attend another Blink concert if they came back to Indy. // 10

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overall: 8.7
USA (Indianapolis), June 2, 2004 Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 20, 2005
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Sound: Ok obviously Tom still can't really sing but I like it 'cause it's different. Tom used his custom Gibson for most of the show and Mark used his pink bass. I couldn't really tell what Travis was using but during one time he came out of the ground and was like waw, with his big drum solo or something it was awesome. They don't sound great live but they don't sound great un-live. // 8

Perfomance: I loved the show. They came out with Easy Target (excelent choice) and at one point they played pretty much all of the new CD. Before they played Go Tom had this to say: "This is the song where you put your hand in the air and not in f--ing French or Spanish yell Go!" He also informed everyone that he had worked out earlier that day so he was ready for the show. This being their first concert of the tour they looked kinda flat. They had the sign for the new CD everywhere. // 8

Overall Impression: It was in the United States, Indianapolis, Verizon Wireless Music Center, and it was one June 1st or 2nd I think 2nd. It had Modern Artillery, and No Doubt. I loved the whole excitment and I hate no doubt. I don't know how much the tickets where they were a gift for getting good grades (not me my friend) It was well woth it though. The big drum thing Travis did I'll never forget that. If Blink has another gig I'll go. // 10

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