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artist: blink 182 date: 06/23/2004 category: live concerts
blink 182: USA (Sacramento), June 21, 2004
Besides of the Sleep Train Ampitheater arena, which is nothing but a big hole in the ground, and bad supporting bands, it was a good show with a lot of solos and great moments.
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USA (Sacramento), June 21, 2004 Reviewed by: im not mental, on june 23, 2004
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Sound: I have always been a big fan of Blink. In fact, "What's My Age Again?" was the song that got me listening to rock. Tom DeLonge used his signature guitar from Gibson, while Mark Hoppus used his signature bass, I think, but it wasn't Pink. They were standard tuning always. Tom sounded like his old self from the albums and Mark's voice wasn't as deep. But still, they were good. // 10

Perfomance: Let's see if I can remember the Songs: Feeling This, Easy Target, Violence, What's My Age Again, Stockholm Syndrome, I Miss You, Down, a medly consisting of Dumpweed, M&M's, and Man Overboard, The Rock Show, First Date, Obvious, Go, Asthenia, Stay Together For The Kids, Adam's Song, Reckless Abandon, Josie, and ended with Dammit. That wasn't the exact order of the songs, but those are the ones played. Tom did about 4 solos and Travis did one huge drum solo near the end. and get this. He was drumming on a platform somewhere in the middle of the audience for his solo. Add the fact that he has a broken foot and he proved himself as a good drummer. The stage was decorated with the smiley from the new album. We loved it. Everyone was jumping, and Tom even said, "wow, you guys are kicking the shit out of San Francisco. They are pussys. They couldn't handle a little rock and roll from a couple of guys like us." So apparently, this show was the better of the two, but I didn't like Sleep Train Ampitheater. // 10

Overall Impression: They played in the USA in Sacramento, CA at the Sleep Train Ampitheater on June 15, 2004. I won these tickets for free, so I don't know the price. Here are the openers: Phantom Planet: The Sleep Train Ampitheater is about 2 hours away from my house, so by the time a got there, Phantom Planet's set had just ended. sorry. No Doubt: Okay, After hearing most of Rock Steady, I didn't really like No Doubt too much, but the fact that most of what they played was their old stuff, (Just a Girl, Spiderweb, etc.) I really like them now. Adrian Young's drum set had, I think, "A good fucking comes" written on it, and the platform he was playing on was decorated with some of No Doubt's lyrics. For a few songs, they had a few props on stage, like a piano, an empty bathtub, and a couch, sorta like the video for Underneath It all. Gwen Stefani was so energetic, she acted like a cheerleader. They put on a really awesome and energetic show, I'm glad they went on tour with blink. I might have missed a good band. Some awesome moments in the show were: Tom's solos, Travis's solo, Tom's quote before "Violence": "Where's Arnold Schwarzenegger? He's so sexy, I was with HIM back in the old concert days. This song is for you Arnold!" They threw glow sticks into the crowd too. Also, right before Stay Together for the Kids: "Back before most of you were born, like, somewhere in the mid ninetys, during slow sad songs like the one we're gonna do now, people put their lighters up in the air. But we're not doing that right now. This is the 21st century. The Age of the internet and all that shit. So everyone, put your Cell Phones up in the air!" We all did put our cell phones up in the air and it was pretty funny. Outside in the plaza, they were giving away free Blink, Famous Stars and Straps, and Die Trying stickers, so I got a few of those. It is definetly worth it to see their show, and I probably will go to their next show, but just not at the sleep train ampitheater for the following reasons: 1. It's 2 hours away from my house. I got back at around 1 in the morning. 2. It's literally out in the middle of nowhere. Just somewhere in a ton of fields. 3. It's nothing but a big hole in the ground. 4. There's no paved parking lots. You have to park on the field or on some rocks. I will never go there again. I gave it a 4 just because of the arena, but if it was somewhere else, it would've been a 5. // 8

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