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blink 182: USA (Tampa), September 24, 2011
USA, Tampa Fl, 1800 ASK GARY Amphitheatre, Sept 24 2011. paid 70 bucks for the pit and it was worth every penny.
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USA (Tampa), September 24, 2011 Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 28, 2011
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Sound: Tom DeLonge sounded surprisingly good. I had seen videos of him live in past where he sounded as if he was almost crying. His vocals sounded almost identical to on the record. Same with Mark. The sound was great too. You could easily hear the vocals, guitar and drums all on an equal level. Tom played Epiphone and Gibson model guitars and they sounded great. Travis's drums sound beyond great. Being already and outstanding dummer, the sound quality made him sound better, especially during his famous drum solo. // 10

Perfomance: The audience was going ballistic. Me and everyone else was jumping around, singing along to every song and having a blast. Their setlist was: 01. "Feelin This" - expecting to open with "Dumpweed" but still great. 02. "Up All Night" - new song sounded great. 03. "The Rock Show" - a classic. 04. "What's My Age Again?" - another classic which sounded perfect. 05. "Down" - was great but not much excitement too it. 06. "I Miss You" - the crowd was moshing... Enough said. 07. "Stay Together For The Kids" - I had goosebumps. Going into that chorus gave me chills. 08. "Dumpweed" - one of the more punk Blink songs and sounded very good. 09. "Always" - great love song. Many people were there with dates and made sure to lock lips. 10. "Violence" - definitly my least favorite Blink song. We would've rather heard "Adam's Song". 11. "After Midnight" - a new song. Travis's unique drums make this song great. 12. "First Date" - another classic TOYPAJ song which was amazing of course. 13. "F--k A Dog" - Mark, Tom and Travis are well into their 30's and its great they still play this. 14. "Hearts All Gone" - another new song similar to something +44 would've done. 15. "Man Overboard" - Tom made a big deal of Mark's bass lines in this hahahaha. 16. "Ghost On The Dancefloor" - a new song similar to AVA. But very good and a very mature sounding Blink. 17. "Happy Holidays You Bastard" - a great, fast, very good song to hear live. 18. "All The Small Things" - most mainstream song but sounded great. Tom's voice sounded very good. 19. "Josie" - great song to "end" with. Very upbeat and a lot of moshing. **ENCORE** 20. Travis Drum Solo - Travis's drum solo hanging and spinning is just mind-blowing. He really is a very talented drummer and maybe the best active drummer right now. 21. "Carousel" - An old song off Cheshire Cat which sounded amazing. 22. "Dammit" (leading into "Family Reunion") - they always close with this and I think the entire floor area was a huge circle pit. Tom and Mark were their usual selves with their immature jokes about their dicks and f--king each others moms. People thought they had gotten old and matured but people, the jokes are still there. // 10

Overall Impression: USA, Tampa Fl, 1800 ASK GARY Amphitheatre, Sept 24 2011. Matt & Kim opened up the night very happy and definitely setting the tone. I've never listened to them that much but they did a great job. My Chemical Romance came on next and was good also. I've never been a huge MCR fan and I found their set kind of boring. The crowd wasn't doing anything and they seemed to only play their new songs. Everything about this show was great. The only thing I would've changed was someone else taking MCR's place (New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday, or maybe even a real punk band like NOFX or Pennywise). I paid 70 bucks for the pit and it was worth every penny. The whole show was worth maybe a 300 dollar ticket. The people at this show were great. Just being around thousands of people that have had this band touch them in some just greats such an amazing vibe. I will attend every Blink show that comes to my town. Ever. Forever and ever. Tom and Mark are still in their "Enema Of The State" days. Both of them were pole dancing on their mic stands with Kim. I would rate the show an 11 if I could // 10

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