UK (Manchester), September 17, 2005 Review

artist: early november date: 09/19/2005 category: live concerts
early november: UK (Manchester), September 17, 2005
The Early November played amazingly that night. The music was played without fault and the sound was perfectly clear. Every note could be heard properly.
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UK (Manchester), September 17, 2005 Reviewed by: thecomaboy, on september 19, 2005
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Sound: The Early November played amazingly tonight. Main vocalist Ace Enders cracked in all the right places with his honest and well-practiced voice, and the whole band sang during a few of the choruses. Joe (second guitarist) had one part of the chorus to Decorations to himself. Ace used a brown Gibson of some sort while Joe used a red Gibson SG. Sergio's bass was red with a white scratchplate if I remember correctly. The music was played without fault and the sound was perfectly clear. Every note could be heard properly. // 10

Perfomance: The performance lapped up every minute of the performance, singing along and "moshing" along to the band's energetic performance. Ace (lead vocalist and guitarist) had a funny geeky kind of dance which was great. Sergio, the bassist of the band, stage-dived twice. Ace, Joe and Serg joked with the crowd and held up the mic stands towards the audience at points for singalongs. The band played three songs from their old EP For All Of This, seven from their latest album The Room's Too Cold and one new song that will be on their new triple-disc album, which Ace said will be out in March 2006. The setlist went something very similar to as follows: 01. Ever So Sweet - started just Ace on vocals as normal but the band changed the ending starting from the bridge and played the rest of the song as a band. 02. Sesame Smeshame 03. Baby Blue 04. The Course Of Human Life 05. Decoration - new song 06. Ashaka Rock 07. I Want To Hear You Sad 08. Fluxy 09. Something That Produces Results 10. The Mountain Range In My Living Room 11. Every Night's Another Story. // 10

Overall Impression: The Early November played the Manchester Academy 2 in Manchester, UK on the night of Saturday 17th September 2005. They were supporting The Starting Line and played before them, but a band did play before TEN called Anberlin. The show was just brilliant in every way. Each song was played brilliantly and the crowd sung along with every word they knew. The only niggles of the show (in my view) was that TEN didn't headline, because I prefer them to The Starting Line, Anberlin weren't up to the standard of the other two bands and during Anberlin's set, the vocals often got drowned in feedback and were lost in the other instruments. The ticket cost 10 and was well worth the money I paid with about four hours of entertainment by the three bands. The Early November played just less around 45 minutes to an hour. The most unforgettable moments of the show were the intro Ever So Sweet, Baby Blue, Something That Produces Results, Every Night's Another Story and Serg's stagediving. The whole show was just memorable. I will definitely go to their next gig. Hopefully they will headline next time they return to England because they fully deserve it. // 10

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