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artist: ill nino date: 04/11/2007 category: live concerts
ill nino: UK (Wolverhampton), April 8, 2007
Ill Nino used a new set list comprising of all three albums, they also played a new track which was amazing.
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UK (Wolverhampton), April 8, 2007 Reviewed by: jmorris3, on april 11, 2007
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Sound: From the very start of the gig (well as soon as Panic Cell entered), you could see the sound was going to be very good indeed. The guitars, bass and drums in all three bands were to quite a perfection, however the vocals seemed a bit quiet in Ill Nino and Panic Cell. I took little notice of Panic Cell's and Drowning Pool's instruments but Ill Nino used their signature ESP guitars and ESP Viper Bass. Quality again flawless with all the bands (besides the vocals) although it must be said the singers were all bloody good. Panic Cell also used Speed Theory (a local band) lead singer in a couple of songs like Save Me, which improved vocal quality. Overall sound was superb there were little mistakes or flaws (but I have heard better). // 8

Perfomance: The gig was one of my favourites of all time it truly was although that is a terribly biased statement because I am and Ill Nino fanatic. Panic Cell played a good set with a broad cast from all albums, one of my favourites being Save Me because of the instant reaction in the mosh pit. Ill Nino used a new set list I haven't heard before comprising of all three albums, they also played a new track which has to be said was amazing. There was so much moshing throughout them that by the end of their set only a few guys who looked 6ft 5 and wieghed like 350lbs. They played everything from How Can I Live To Liar and Te Amo I Hate You. Drowning Pool's set included a large varity of new songs and some old classics noticably Bodies which got huge (and I mean huge) amounts of the crowd moshing (even young girls). Overall memorable moments had to be the whole crowd singing along to Tearing Away for the ex singer of Drowning Pool (now dead, I might as well be blunt too many people are hidden from the truth with words like passed away). The ex-Soil singer made a good impression on me and me along with many others managed to meet him, the guitarist and all members of Panic Cell after the gig. Another memorable moment was all the topless people who got you covered in sweat in the mosh-pit as well as Panic Cell bringing a random girl on to the stage to air guitar which confused me but alas overall it was bloody amazing! There were no fireworks like that of other gigs and the lightshow was bland but the bands gave 110%. // 9

Overall Impression: The size of Wulfrun Hall (Wolverhampton) was just right and although it was Easter Sunday (not that the UK is exactly a Christian Nation anymore) made no difference. I was fairly unimpressed by the first opener (the name of which I have forgotten) who open a huge pit with no one in it, but Panic Cell gave the crowd the fuel they needed. Ill Nino were my highlight everyone enjoyed them and many were collapsing by the time they left the stage, they can only be described with wow! It was my second time seeing them and I would tell anyone to go see them themselves Latin-metal is the way forward. Drowning Pool were good and towards the end gave greater momentum to the crowd, I would also see these again. It was definatly value for money at only 14 for 3 great bands. It was truly an unforgettable night because all the songs mean so much to me. When they tour with their new album Enigma I tell you go or you are missing out on what will be a heck of a tour! // 10

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