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artist: ill nino date: 06/08/2007 category: live concerts
ill nino: UK (Wolverhampton), June 6, 2007
As soon as Ill Nino stepped onto the stage through the Darkness, they were greeted with screams and cheers which was maintained throughout the performance.
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UK (Wolverhampton), June 6, 2007 Reviewed by: jmorris3, on june 08, 2007
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Sound: After technical difficulties prolonging the start of the gig, sound quality was brought up to scratch. The few fans buzzed as they heard the sound check just through the next doors, which soon opened and allowed the crowd to swarm in with Obsidian bursting through the lights on the stage. The band I had not heard before but the music seemed good quality although some of the memebers seemed a bit "past it", the vocalist was great, although there was some squeaking of the microphone. By the time Adrenaline (the next support act) were on this had been sorted out and the sound quality was fine. Next Headspeed, as a bassist I could recongnise a good bass line, and this band was dishing them out in every song, whilst the guitars played good riffs inbetween the bassists hammer-ons. Up to this point it had been a normal gig, but then Ill Nino came onto the stage and the sound was so much clearer, Cristian sang and screamed in his normal fashion, but it was nevertheless amazing. Laz had a new bass, from the ESP EC Series, whilst Ahrue played his signature AL 600, and Danny despite a shoulder injury managed to play perfectly. Sound wasn't the best I have experienced but foor the size of the venue it was rather good. // 8

Perfomance: The support acts found it hard to get the crowd going, but as soon as Ill Nino stepped onto the stage through the Darkness, they were greeted with screams and cheers which was maintained throughout the performance. They played a slightly shorter set because of a later start but they made up for it with, it included Barely Breathing, Cleansing, I am Loco, This Is War, How Can I Live?, Liar, Corazon Of Mine, Te Amo... I Hate You, What You Deserve and their new song Alibi of Tyrants. They were all played perfectly and although there was a lack of moshing, no one minded because everyone was but a few paces away from the band. There was not a very good lightshow but they made up for it with their sheer amount of great playing. The most memorable part was recieving two pics one of Ahrue and one off Diego, several members of the audience received Set Lists, Drum Sticks etc. Jokes and Cristian's drunken state went down well witht he crowd, these included things such as Cristian proclaiming his love for the band and Dave stating he loves Crisitan "From The Asshole Inwards". // 10

Overall Impression: The gig was in The Civic Bar, Wolverhampton on 6th of June 2006. Ill Nino had three support acts for their Download Warm-up they were Obsidian, Adrenaline and Headspeed. It was the best Ill Nino gig (out fo three) that I have ever been too, for one important reason we got to hang with Crisitan and the band after the gig, and many of them during the support acts if you grabbed one when they were strolling through the crowd. It was the most intimate gig I have been to and Crisitian even managed a autograph signing. There were only around 100 people there a tiny number compared to the normal gigs that Ill Nino hold at Wulfrun Hall, but at 10.50 it was worth it! Meeting the band was the true highlight of the night. Although it was small it was really for fanatic Ill Nino fans like myself, and was definately one of the best gigs that I have ever been too. // 10

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