UK (Manchester), September 12, 2002 Review

artist: Korn date: 06/08/2004 category: live concerts
Korn: UK (Manchester), September 12, 2002
The sound was perfect: perfect balance, no loss of power/drive. You have to go see Korn.
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UK (Manchester), September 12, 2002 Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 08, 2004
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Sound: Coz it was at an Arena, the sound was perfect - perfect balance, no loss of power/drive, sound carried perfectly. Bass obviously had quite a lot of emphasis, as did drums, but that still didn't drown out Jon Davis's vocals. They used K-5 ,K-7's, I think a Yamaha kit, god knows what symbols silviera uses- sabian I think, and that kickass mic stand Jono's got. Oh, yeah, and bagpipes. Obviously the tuning was thier standard dropped A, and some normal B tunings (mostly from first album) and obviously davis vocals were incredible. // 10

Perfomance: Special moment - Davis gave his bagpipes to a roadie after the intro to Shoots N Ladders, then kicked HIM off stage. And the silvere paper square thingies they dropped during here to stay. Scenery - 3 massive ceilning high screens (thats about 50 feet!) with different stuff on them - static fuzz, camera views from stage front/side, video clips etc. Mostly all black silver nd blu. Can't fully remember all songs- Here To Stay, Thoughtless, Hollow Life, Corners Of My Mind, Blind, Clown, Shoots N Ladders, Adidas, Good God, Twist, Chi, Freak On A Leash,dead Bodies, Got The Life, Bbk , Justin, can't remember any others. // 10

Overall Impression: Manchester Evening News Arena. 2003/2002, sometime. 35 quid - bit spensive, but worth every penny. Support was Puddle Of Mudd (blech!) supposedly trust company, but they neva turned up. No loss, tho. Unforgettable moment - getting into standing with a sitting ticket. Definitely worth it. I'm definitely gonna go to the take a look in the mirror tour. Hell yeah!. Anyone else - you have to go see Korn. // 10

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