Venezuela (Caracas), January 28, 2010 Review

artist: Korn date: 03/16/2010 category: live concerts
Korn: Venezuela (Caracas), January 28, 2010
The sound was just amazing it sounded like a cd, they used 2 other musicians to make the sound a whole lot better.
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 Overall Impression: 9
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Venezuela (Caracas), January 28, 2010 Reviewed by: andrew2xtreme, on march 16, 2010
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Sound: The sound was just amazing it sounded like a cd, they used 2 other musicians to make the sound a whole lot better. One took the place of head(guitarist) and the other was a keyboard player. Munky used his signature Ibanez 7 string model, Fieldy used his 5 string bass and Jon sang like on the record. The sound & the quality was amazing, it was loud, but not too loud to be disturbing. // 9

Perfomance: The audience was crazy, before KoRn went on we destroyed the barricade to the vip section which was more than a half empty, so we could see better. The show started with a keyboard intro then followed by all instruments 01. Right Now: it was truly amazing, jon's mic stopped working at the screaming part so he left the crowd to do it. 02. Did my Time: it was really cool everybody sang. 03. Thoughtless: what a moment, one of the best songs by KoRn the performance was amazing!. 04. Falling Away From Me: never liked this song so much, but it was the best song from the night everybody sang, screamed, jumped, it was amazing. 05. Coming Undone (We Will Rock You): it was pretty cool, everybody loved the song. 06. Shoots & Ladders(intro), Helmet in Bush: the crowd was so excited when JD Bringed out the bagpipes, he played the into of Shoots & ladders and then the band started playing Helmet In Bush. 07. Here to Stay: when the intro started playing I went insane, all of this song the crowd was jumping, screaming, it was great. 08. Fake/One: they played fake which was not expected but kicked ass, then came the heavy part of Metallica's One, which was one large mosh pit. 09. Freak on A Leash: this song was soamazing, they played it perfectly all the crowd roared on this song. 10. Y'all Want A Single: this song was pretty cool, everybody sang Pote instead of f--k you, they played it excellent. 11. Somebody Someone: the last song before the encores, everybody screamed and fist pumped on this song. 12. Blind: when the cymbals started sounding nobody believed it, it was Blind, everybody moshed, sang, amazing song. 13. Got The Life: they played it amazing. 14. Another Brick In The Wall: the song started with a 5 minute improv from munky, playing with all the pedals, the song was amazing. Munky spent all the concert greeting people, waving hands, I think I never saw him with the 2 hands on the guitar cause he was always waving. Jon sang great. The lights were amazing, the best I've seen. // 10

Overall Impression: The gig took place in poliedro the caracas parking lot which was a cool venue. Before KoRn there were 4 opening bands, the first two(agonia, psinocencia) sucked and sounded awful, then came "Triad" which had bad sound, then came Candy66 Which had a great sound and a great performance. The ticket price was 150BSf (34$)it was worth the money. KoRn blew me away. All the show was unforgettable, I thought KoRn without head or david sucked but they kicked ass, all the crowd knew all the songs sang them, and jumped like maniacs. I would definitively go to their next gig. // 9

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