Germany (Nurburg), June 8, 2003 Review

artist: Marilyn Manson date: 06/05/2012 category: live concerts
Marilyn Manson: Germany (Nurburg), June 8, 2003
Marilyn Manson's concert was very memorable. It's brilliant, amazing, exhilarating, extraordinary and my favourite concert ever.
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 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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Germany (Nurburg), June 8, 2003 Reviewed by: aaronmcm99, on june 05, 2012
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Sound: Marilyn Manson's concert was very memorable, but at times for the wrong reason, the microphone want working properly so he physically shouted everything, at one point I thought there was no microphone, they used guitars drums bass and keyboard, the sound quality by the instruments was very well done, and it was easy to hear the guitars. // 9

Perfomance: The tracklist is in Order: 01. "Disposable Teens" - intro which was very great music wise. 02. "Iressponsible Hate Anthem" - not my immediate choice but still good. 03. "Great Big White World" - never liked this song so hard to judge. 04. "Rock Is Dead" - very energetic. 05. "(m)OBSCENE" - My personal favourite of the night. 06. "Tainted Love" - somewhat lacked tonight. 07. "Sweet Dreams" - great. 08. "Dope Show" - bit iffy. 09. "Doll Dagga Ziggity Zag Zag" - Very much disliked. 10. "Fight Song" - Same as tainted love. 11. "Beautiful People" - Best outro EVER. // 10

Overall Impression: It's was in America, California in 2003. Sadly no openers, its brilliant though amazing, exhilarating, extraordinary and my favourite concert ever, I have no idea how much tickets were, as they were presents but I'm glad I got them, it's brilliant, and most importantly... Unforgettable. // 10

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