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motley crue: Canada (Regina), April 13, 2006
All together they were awesome and it was good to see they were still a band and keeping their shit together.
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Canada (Regina), April 13, 2006 Reviewed by: mickmarsfreak69, on april 27, 2006
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Sound: Motley Crue played in Regina, Saskatchewan on April 13, 2006 at the Brandt Center and all I can say is it was amazing! Vince Neil's voice was amazing and he put a lot of effort into his singing. Mick Mars' guitar playing was also amazing and to my surprise he was moving around a lot and rockin' out with the other boys and his solos (in the song and alone) were spectacular! Tommy Lee played half and half with some other guy(not the tribute guy that played in Red Deer or wherever he palyed) but they both equally good and Tommy's solo was very good. and Nikki Sixx's playing was good and his solo was excellent too. And last but not least Mighty Mike! He was an awsome entertainer and introduced the band. All together they were awsome and it was good to see they were still a band and keepin their shit together. And the dancers were good too. // 10

Perfomance: I think everyone enjoyed the concert, me and two buddies went and we thought it was fricken amazing and even though damn near everyone was drunk in the crowd I think they enjoyed it as much as we did. They played Shout At The Devil, Too Fast For Love, Red Hot, Ten Seconds To Love, On With The Show, Looks That Kill, Girls Girls Girls, Kickstart My Heart, Primal Scream, Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away), Dr. Feelgood, Glitter, Home Sweet Home, Live Wire, Louder Than Hell, Too Young To Fall In Love, Wild Side, Helter Skelter, Same Old Situation, Anarchy In The U.K. and some others I think. They were all good except in one of em after Vince stopped singing he was like what? Some funny things that happened was when Tommy was doing the titty cam hes like wheres Nikki? so he goes back stage with the camera on and Nikkis got his pants down with a towel or sumthin over his dewey and all the sudden he turns around and starts swinging this dildo around ahaha and during the titty cam Mighty Mike came came out dressed up as a big boob. When they came out for the enchor they had a big blow up clown behind the drum set. And it was funny to hear Vince say this is our last tour like 50 times through out like 10 minutes ahaha... and Tommy had two sayings for the audience to say "When I say Motley you say Crue! Motley _ Motley _" and "Face down ass up that's the way we like to f--k" and after every song hed be like "O Shit!" For effects there was a lot of fire and fireworks, etc. A moment they had was after the concert Tommy Lee was like group hug! And they four of em huddled together and I thought it was touching. Good to see that Mick is still alive and on tour with the guys and all the stuff theyve gone through theyve gone through it together. // 9

Overall Impression: They played in Canada, Regina, Saskatchewan at the Brandt Center on April 13. There was no opener. The thing I loved about the show was the music and solos and just the band altogether and I didn't hate anything about the concert. Tickets were 77$ for floor seats and it was so worth the money. The most unforgetable moments were at the end with the group hug thing. When they were introduced and started playing Shout At The Devil '97 style, their solos and of course Motley Crue all together and their inspiration to play music. If they do go on tour again I will deffinately go to the next gig. // 10

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