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motley crue: Canada (Vancouver), August 12, 2008
Trapt as the opening band, Sixx A.M. Ans the second opener, Papa Roach as the third opener, Buckcherry as the Co-headliner, and of course Motley Crue as headliner.
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Canada (Vancouver), August 12, 2008 Reviewed by: mikeguitardude, on march 24, 2009
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Sound: Well this review is for the Cruefest, which featured Trapt as the opening band, Sixx A.M. Ans the second opener, Papa Roach as the third opener, Buckcherry as the Co-headliner, and of course Motley Crue as headliner. The sound was great. Although I will admit the guitars for Motley Crue took over the bass and drums at times but nothing took over Vinces voice. The Music was great! Trapt was quiet but very good, Sixx A.M. Was mediocre, Buckcherry were awesome and Papa Roach were amazing and the Crue were unbelievable! // 10

Perfomance: The audience absolutley loved them, yes including me. Trapt only played a couple songs, more new ones to support there new album than old. Of course the best song played by them was Headstrong. Sixx A.M. Were very good. The bass Player from Motley Crue (Nikki Sixx) is also in that band so when he walked out the crowd loved HIM. They started with X-mas In Hell and then played Accidents Can Happen, Tomorrow, Life Is Beautiful, Courtesy Call and tomorrow, also other ones (but I can't remember). Then Papa Roach came out(this is where the show begins). They played a great setlist. Their set included, Scars, Getting away with Murder, Last Resort, To Be Loved, Broken Home, Forever, a few other old ones and 2 new ones which were Hollywood Whore, and Lifeline. During Papa Roach's set, Jacoby Shaddix(lead singer) came running through the whole stadium, through every isle, and the floor to get everyone to stand up, (yes I touched him! ) and he got back up on stage and the whole stadium was standing up, and he said "See I told you motherf---ers I would get all of you up!" Then Buckcherry came on. Boy, they are a dirty band. I met the lead singer before the show and got his autograph and a pic with him it was cool. There set was really good. They plyed songs like, Lit up, Crazy Bitch, Sorry, Onset, Porno Star, Everything, Next 2 You, Slammin', Out Of Line, Black Butterfly, and Too Drunk. Then finally! Motley Crue. The first song they played was Kickstart my Heart, then they played songs like, Same Ol' Situation, Don't Go Away Mad(just go away), Shout At The Devil, Saints Of Los Angeles, Motherf--ker Of The Year, Girls, Girls, Girls, Looks That Kill, Livewire, Facedown In The Dirt, and some others and ended the show with Home Sweet Home. During there set, Tommy Lee sat down on the front of the stage while the others left the stage and took out a camera and got any girl he could to flash the camera, there's your typical tommy. The Crue were really really loud. Also, before the show I met DJ Ashba from Sixx A.M. // 10

Overall Impression: This show was in Canada, Vancouver, GM Place on August 12, 2008. It was awesome, the most unforgettably moment was when Jacoby from Papa Roach ran through the whole crowd and let everybody touch him, and when I met the singer of Buckcherry, that was great. Basiccally the whole show I will never forget. Tickets were roughly $80 a ticket. And you bet I'm going to there next show here! // 10

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