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motley crue: USA (Allentown), September 4, 2005
The Crue was loud as hell, as always, with a lame mix. The kickdrum was way too loud, the guitar wasn't mixed in cleanly and the vocals were not loud enough.
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USA (Allentown), September 4, 2005 Reviewed by: AllFunkedUp92, on august 11, 2006
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Sound: The Crue was loud as hell, as always, with a lame mix. The kickdrum was way too loud, the guitar wasn't mixed in cleanly and the vocals were not loud enough. Vince sounded better than he has in years, surprisingly. Mick used his usual Strat and Nikki his Thunderbird. Basically the mix was a loud mishmosh of kickdrum and guitar, that's it. // 6

Perfomance: They came on an hour late, at 8:30 which I have heard is their set time to come on for them, no matter when it is supposed to start. I don't think the show was sold out but there was at least 7000 people there. They played about 2.5 hours total, with a 10 minute break between Live Wire and Girls Girls Girls. I was surprised that the show was at a fair, they were cussing like sailors, used tons of pyrotechnics, had the titty cam, strippers, the whole nine yards. They were actually banned from playing the venue after the show! Set list: 01. Shout At The Devil - the show started with Part 1 of a claymation film called Disaster: The Movie, it was about 5 minutes. Then The Crue! Tons of flames, Vince came out from under the stage at the beginning. Awesome way to kick it off. 02. Too Fast For Love - sounded good live. 03. Ten Seconds To Love 04. Red Hot - awesome pyro at the end, it was killer. 05. On With The Show - very obscure song thrown in here. It was awesome, I really like this song. 06. Looks That Kill - a bit tired of this one but it was better live. 07. Louder Than Hell - well, this song defines the show! Lots of flames. Pretty obscure choice but it sounded awesome. 08. Live Wire - extended ending in it. Not much to say about this one except it was good. 09. Girls Girls Girls - there was a short break after Live Wire for part 2 of Disaster: The Movie, it was only about 3 minutes. There was a song or two played over the speakers and then the boys came out on motorcycles. Everyone was screaming when they came out. Sounded great. 10. Wild Side 11. Don't Go Away Mad - my fave Crue song, sounded awesome live. 12. Primal Scream 13. Glitter - I never really liked this one, it was a kinda pointless choice. 14. Without You - I thought it sounded better in the studio. 15. Home Sweet Home - classic power ballad, was amazing. 16. Dr. Feelgood - the song everyone knows Motley for, it just kicked ass. 17. Same Old Situation - one of the shows highlights. 18. Titty Cam/Sick Love Song - the song started with Tommy's Titty Cam where he walks around like a retard getting women to show their tits. Was nice, since I'm a guy, but it got old after 15 minutes. Sick Love Song was great though. 19. Kickstart My Heart - the show's highlight, definitley. Tons of pyro, extended ending with a guitar solo by Mick. It was just incredible. Encore: 20. Anarchy In The UK - a cover of the classic Sex Pistols tune, eh I'll just stick to the Sex Pistols for this one. Was cool but I think Kickstart woulda been a better way to end the show. // 9

Overall Impression: USA, Allentown PA, Allentown Fair, September 4, 2005. There was no opening act. I loved pretty much the whole thing except that they came on so late. Tickets were $48 and were worth the money. Hearing some obscure songs like Red Hot, Louder Than Hell and On With The Show were unforgetable as was the Titty Cam. I would see them again if they came back. // 9

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