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motley crue: USA (Buffalo), July 9, 2008
Motley Crue did great and pleased the crowd with every song.
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USA (Buffalo), July 9, 2008 Reviewed by: dustnbones316, on august 07, 2008
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Sound: When CrueFest was announced, the hype surrounding it from Crue Heads was huge. Motley Crue plus 4 other bands hand selected by the band, it couldn't get any better. Motley Crue, was of course, the act everyone was waiting for, and they came ready to please the crowd. Vince Neil has gotten much better from earlier concerts (think Carnival of Sins) and did a fantastic job on the microphone. Motley Crue did great and pleased the crowd with every song. The Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, like most outdoor amphitheaters, has great acoustics because of the open air setting the music is allowed to roar over the grounds. Mick Mars used his two custom Fender Stratocasters with Floyd Rose tremolos and custom wound pickups for maximum Drive and volume. Nikki Sixx was playing his various Thunderbird basses and Tommy was rocking his Saints of Los Angeles drum kit, with the over sized bass drum, not sure of the brand. // 9

Perfomance: Set list: 01. Kickstart My Heart - this was surprising because it's usually their closing tune but worked just as well for the opening song. 02. Wildside 03. Shout At The Devil 04. Saints Of Los Angeles (featuring Jacoby Shaddix and James Michael) - very exciting song, especially when Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach) and James Michael (Sixx: A.M.) came out for the last chorus. 05. Mick Mars solo 06. Live Wire 07. Titty Cam - every man's dream come true. 08. Sick Love Song 09. Motherf--ker Of The Year - the only other new song they played and the other single off the album, awesome song, especially live. 10. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) - Vince broke out the ol' acoustic to jam along on this song. 11. Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.) - Vince broke out an electric to jam along with the boys for this song, provided some great pictures too. 12. Jam/Looks That Kill 13. Girls, Girls, Girls - although they didn't come out on Harley's as per usual, the roaring of the motorcycles was just as exciting and this is an amwesome song to hear live. 14. Dr. Feelgood Encore: 15. Home Sweet Home - wonderful encore, always a beautiful song and wonderfully arranged, loved it. // 9

Overall Impression: This show was held at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center in Buffalo (technically Darien Center), NY on July 9th 2008. CrueFest is more of a festival style featuring 4 fairly well known bands before hand. Trapt, Sixx: A.M., Papa Roach, and Buckcherry. Props go to all of them for a great show and a may do a separate review for one or two of them. This my second time seeing Motley Crue and it was better than their 2006 show at the same venue. They are steadily improving their Live show from their 2005 reunion tour. I paid 100 bucks to sit in the what is considered the pit area (7th row, right side of the stage) and was well worth it. The whole show was absolutely unforgettable and would love to catch Motley Crue on their upcoming '09 US Tour. // 9

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