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artist: motley crue date: 03/17/2005 category: live concerts
motley crue: USA (Kansas), March 15, 2005
Motley Crue is back and better than ever. Loud guitars, thundering drums, pummeling bass and soaring vocals - everything was amazing.
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USA (Kansas), March 15, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on march 17, 2005
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Sound: This is the band that rock needs. Loud guitars, thundering drums, pummeling bass and soaring vocals. Motley Crue is back and better than ever. The sound was amazing. // 10

Perfomance: As a long time Crue fan, I've been waiting for the original line-up for quite awhile. As the 7:30 start time came and went, I wondered what was going on. And it seems that Tommy Lee was at the bar and drunk off of his ass. So we waited for a good 40 minutes and then the lights dimmed. It was time for some Crue. The stage took on a Circus theme, as A Big Red Circus tent covered the stage. You cannot see Crue without seeing some pyro. And it was there x10. They started out with the classic "Shout At the Devil" which led to some classic songs from their early days. After a short 10 minute intermission the Crue returned as they rode in on their custom Choppers. After that all hell broke lose. Girls, Girls, Girls, Wildside, Kickstart My Heart, and all of the goodens from The Dr. Feelgood Days. And perhaps one of the best parts of the show Tommy Lee's tittie cam. Itself explanitory guys! // 10

Overall Impression: Kansas City, Missouri will never forget the Night that Motley Crue rocked their ass off in Kemper Arena. March 15, 2005 is the official date that rock returned to the midwest. At the steap price of 75$ a seat I can truely say it was worth more than that. 2 plus hours of hard rockin, hot girls, and pyro out the ass. Motley Crue is without a doubt todays greatest rock band. // 10

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