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mudvayne: USA (Cincinnati), December 8, 2008live concerts
Mudvayne: USA (Cincinnati), December 8, 2008

The most unforgettable moments in the show were when the new singer of Snot jumped over the bouncers into the crowd, to surf, and our moment of silence for Dimebag.

POSTED: 05/13/2009 - 02:55 am

mudvayne: USA (Norfolk), April 19, 2005live concerts
Mudvayne: USA (Norfolk), April 19, 2005

The audiance was totally diggin them. After Bloodsimple and Life Of Agony were done with their performance and Mudvayne came out, the whole entire floor, (it was general admission) was one huge mosh pit.

POSTED: 07/04/2005 - 04:19 am