Canada (Toronto), May 26, 2004 Review

artist: offspring date: 05/28/2004 category: live concerts
offspring: Canada (Toronto), May 26, 2004
Fans have had a few months to become familiar with the songs and now they'd have the opportunity to experience the live interpretation.
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Canada (Toronto), May 26, 2004 Reviewed by: basketofplastic, on may 28, 2004
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Sound: The concert was dead for the opening acts but when the Offspring came on and began the drumming to neocon the crowd was jumping and moshing and beating their fist to the drummng. Dexters voice was amayzing and the sound was so loud and amayzing my ears are still ringing and its one day later. Dexter mainly used his Ibanez RG and Noodles used his Ibanez NDM, and I would like to mention that their new drummer is insane he is absou; outly amayzing. // 10

Perfomance: They played all their classic songs and many from their new album I think the best responce was to americana. The crowd was insane moshing body surfing and they loved them it was great. The lighting was amayzing worked to every song. // 10

Overall Impression: They performance was in the Kool Haus in Toronto Ontario,the tickets were only 35$ how ever I got them cheaper because when I was getting them on ticket master the show was sold out so I got them on ebay. It was definately worth the money. There were two other bands that opened for the Offspring I had no clue Who they were and I didn't care I was there for Offspring. Saddly there were no nude girls at the show. What did I love about the concert? I loved the kick ass performance by the Offspring. The only thing I dident like was waiting for the equipment to set up after the two openers were done. It is most definately worth watching them play they put on an awsome performance and they alos came back for an encore after they said they were done as usual. I would go to their next concert but its out of canada so I will not be going but when they come back i will definately try to attend. If you havent seen the Offspring live or heard them play go to their show or listen to them its worth it they are an amayzing band. // 10

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