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offspring: Venezuela (Caracas), October 27, 2005
Totally great performance, the audience knew this was the last they were ever coming to Venezuela. The best thing is that as The Offspring is not longer as mainstream as it was like 5 years ago, only true fans went to the show.
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Venezuela (Caracas), October 27, 2005 Reviewed by: phrank496, on november 14, 2005
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Sound: Well, thank God The Offspring brought their own sound and light equipment, I haven't had good expierence with local equipment. As for Dexter's singing, taking in count he took the shit out of him in Brazil, he did a fine job, while playing Gone Away, that is pretty hard he did pretty good, I was scared he couldn't reach those high notes, but he did it. Los Pixel sound was not as good as The Offspring's, but wasn't so bad neither. // 9

Perfomance: Totally great performance, the audience knew this was the last they were ever coming to Venezuela so they (and me) enjoyed every note played and every word said. The best thing is that as The Offspring is not longer as mainstream as it was like 5 years ago, only true fans went to the show, and that made that night pretty great, everyone knew every word to every song they played: 01. Neocon - amazing, there is no better intro 10/10. 02. The Noose - everyone knew the lines and people starting to jump like crazy 9/10. 03. Long Way Home - song with a lot of energy, people enjoyed the little drums solo 10/10. 04. The Kids Aren't Alright - well, even Security guards sang along, I think Noodles did a little mistake at the beginning but no one cares 10/10. 05. Hit That - people just couldn't jump higher 10/10. 06. Gone Away - in front of me were some girls that starting crying when the drums started 10/10. 07. Want You Bad - Another song that even security guards knew the words 10/10. 08. Staring At The Sun - I love this song, amazing 10/10. 09. Pretty Fly For A White Guy - every dude with a black t-shirt and long hair was like "mmm... yeah..." and watching the clock or the full-moon, thank God there were not too many and some people enjoyed the song 8/10. 10. Original Prankster - very cool song that people totally liked 10/10. 11. Can' Get My Head Around You - personally, I'm not so much into this song, but a lot of people liked it 8/10. 12. Blitzkrieg Bop - believe it or not, people went totally crazy it's like the punk-demonds took control of their bodys and started punching and hitting everybody. Almost everyone knew the "Hey! Ho! Let's Go!" part, and althought you could see some people wondering "is that a The Offspring song?" they liked it. This one was of the best moments of the night 20/10. They also played some other songs, but I can't remember right now. For the visual effects, the lights were amazing, of course, The Offspring brought them. The fun moments where when the Press people came in the buses just at the side of the VIP line and people started shouting at them, they knew they weren't really press, just people who somehow now people in the press and printed out the passes just to see The Offspring, couse The Offspring just did one interview in Venezuela and it was a local radio station. Also, it was weird that the security guards at the entrance searched every part of the body looking for something, you could hear people complaining "Dude, I was totally raped!" Oh, and when Noodle came out with a Polar Ice (local beer) and then throw it to the public was very cool. // 10

Overall Impression: Caracas, Venezuela at "El Poliedro de Caracas" Parking Lot (yep, the parking lot, at the real amphiteatrum was a decoration festival). The band "Los Pixel" opened the show, they gave very good energy and some people enjoyned them, others just starting throwing things at the stage (the singer even complained when throwed him a Smirnoff Ice bottle). The tickets were sold at 100.000BS aprox (like 40$) for the VIP section, and 60.000BS (20-25$) for the general/floor section. For me, I think the VIP section got a little riped-off, the stage view was pretty wierd (like a half-moon that went just wrong), but hey, at least they got the coldest Vodka (Smirnoff was introducing their new flavor, "Ice", so it was everywhere. No beer). The most unforgettable moment was when, waiting for the show to start someone thought it was a good to put Avril Lavigne, remember the dudes with balck shirts and long hair? well, they were the first in line and were like the only one there while the other people entered the parking lot and they started throwing ice and "ICE" and everything they found, and starting shouting "we want punk! we want punk!", totally amazing. They were later satisfied with a The Clash 1-Hour marathon. If The Offspring came again (that's like Kurt Cobain came back to live and started a Reggae band, totally impossible) I will definitly go again. // 10

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