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artist: Plus 44 date: 09/07/2007 category: live concerts
Plus 44: USA (Salt Lake City), June 25, 2007
Everything sounded great. The guitars sounded great together, and you could hear Craig and Shane's guitars clearly from one another.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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USA (Salt Lake City), June 25, 2007 Reviewed by: unregistered, on september 07, 2007
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Sound: Everything sounded great. The guitars sounded great together, and you could hear Craig and Shane's guitars clearly from one another. The bass was heavy, but not overbearing, and held its own through every song. The drums were mic'ed well; like the bass, they were loud and powerful, but didn't overshadow the rest of the instruments. Both Mark and Craig were spot-on with their vocals. All in all +44's sound was just about perfect. // 10

Perfomance: Everyone rally seemed to enjoy +44. Being the Honda Civic Tour, a lot of the young(er) crowd was there to see Fall Out Boy, but those of us that were a few years older were really into +44, and fortunately the younger crowd respected the Tour's elderstatesmen and recognized them (at least Mark and Travis) for their Blink 182 Heritage. +44 played Lycanthrope, Baby Come On, Little Death, 155, Cliff Diving, No It Isn't, Make You Smile (featuring Victoria from Cobra Starship), When Your Heart Stops Beating, and covered Blink 182's The Rock Show. Lycanthrope is full of energy and got the set off on a whirlwind display of musical power. Baby Come On played well to the pop-punk crowd. Little Death was great, and has become one of my favorite songs of the bands. 155, my favorite +44 song, was another energy-filled three minute gem that really got the crowd going. Around this point, Mark invited Victoria from Cobra Starship to sing Carol Heller's parts on Make You Smile, and she actually really sounded great. To be honest, I think I prefered her voice to Carol's, and Mark made a good choice to just play bass and let Victoria steal the song, which really was good for the set. Cliff Diving, while probably my least favorite song off the album, proved to be a good addition to the set, keeping the flow of the band's faster songs moving. The band (temporarily) slowed things down with No It Isn't, until the final verse and chorus. Deffinately a highlight of the set, and the song that everyone knew. Mark paused for a moment and asked everyone if they were enjoying "the rock show" before the band ripped into their Blink 182 cover, which sounded really well with both guitar parts being played. Mark really seemed to enjoy playing it, and Shane and Craig didn't seem to mind playing along. The band closed with another fast-tempo song, When Your Heart Stops Beating, and then left the stage. While +44 didn't utilize any pyrotechincs, they came out with their amps covered in white sheets, and a large banner with the black "+44" being the only thing different from the white cloth. Then, as the set progressed, special lights hit the sheets, revealing the splatter artwork, and highlighted Travis' custom drumset with a black-light type effect that looked excellent and seemed to be perfect for +44's image. // 10

Overall Impression: This event, a stop of the Honda Civic Tour, took place in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA) at the E Center on June 25, 2007. Fall Out Boy was the headliner, with +44 being the second big-name on the bill. Opening was The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship, and Paul Wall. I actually really enjoyed The Academy Is... and Cobra Starship. Paul Wall came out and started one song and I left to get my show shirt. I'm not a rap fan, but I thought Paul Wall would be weird anyways for the tour before I even went to the show. All the bands were alternative rock/pop-punk bands, so to throw a rap act into the middle of it kind of disrupted the flow of things. Fortunately +44 played after, so it was at least bearable. After I got my shirt. I went for +44. I could have cared less that that Fall Out Boy was headlining. In my eyes, +44 were the headliners, and that's how I treated the show. Although the set was shorter than their Salt Lake debut, everything seemed more refined, and the group sounded tighter than before. I left their first show satisfied and looked forward to their return. After their second show, I feel exactly the same way. I'm looking forward to +44's third Salt Lake show. // 9

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