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artist: pod date: 06/17/2004 category: live concerts
pod: USA (San Francisco), June 15, 2004
They put on an excellent show. Sonny did a great job singing. He's got an amazing set of pipes.
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USA (San Francisco), June 15, 2004 Reviewed by: im not mental, on june 17, 2004
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Sound: POD is awesome live. Jason Truby proved himself a worthy replacement for Marcos Curiel. He adapted to POD's older songs like Alive, Set It Off, Southtown, and Boom. He only played Les Pauls. I am pretty sure they were tuned in drop D or C. And Sonny did a great job singing. He's got an amazing set of pipes. // 10

Perfomance: They played songs mainly from Satellite and the new album, as well as a few older songs. Let's see if I can remember them: Boom, Will You, Set It Off, Wildfire, Sleeping Awake, Southtown, Without Jah Nothing, Youth Of The Nation, Execute The Sounds, Freedom Fighter, Revolution, and they ended with Alive. (There were more than that, but I can't remember them all.) After that they did a 2 song encore consisting of Asthma and The Messenjah. They did each song almost nonstop, pausing only to throw water bottles into the crowd. In fact, during the second chorus for Youth Of The Nation, Sonny handed the mike to some guy in the audience and he sang it. The stage was decorated with Wuv drumming on top of this platform with Zion flags around HIM, while Sonny, Truby, and Traa each performed on a spot with their individual logos on the floor. (Those of you with the new album, put the CD in your PC and you'll understand what I mean.)They put on an awesome show. It was a lot of fun. // 10

Overall Impression: They played in the USA, San Francisco, CA, at The Warfield, on June 15. The tix were $22.50, and it was worth more than that. Here's the openers: Lacuna Coil: These guys are good, and they are so much better live than on the album. Christina Scabbia was in a black and red dress, making her look like a gothic beauty. The rest of the band was wearing black pants and black collared shirts with "The Godfather" emblem on the back. If you bought their CD at the concert, they'd let you go backstage so they can autograph it, so I now have an autographed copy of Comalies. They definetly deserved that spot on Ozzfest. Hazen Street: These guys were okay. They're a mix of pop-punk and hip-hop. Some songs were really good, but most of them were pretty much average. Also, you know how most drummers have their drums facing the audience? Well, these guys' drummer played facing to the left of the stage. I don't know why he does that, maybe just to be original or something. They'll be on the Warped Tour this summer, but I don't think I'll go. I don't think I'll buy the CD either. Not really worth the money. Blindside: Listen up, little kids. This is an example of a Kick-Ass set. Although I had only heard 2 songs by these guys before, I bought Silence at the show as well and, like Lacuna Coil, they autographed the CD's. This set was crazy. That's when the first moshpit started, the singer went into the audience, it was wild. The roadies even had to go on stage sometimes to save HIM from tripping over his mike stand. And before the last song, the singer talked about sponsoring a child in Africa to help fight the AIDS epidemic over there, and they would give away a free CD for every child sponsored that night. These guys have their hearts in the right place. Everyone should see these guys live. They are awesome live. In My Opinion, they put on some of the best live shows on the planet. Some things about POD that was incredible were Sonny throwing a ton of water bottles into the crowd, singing in the crowd, and handing the mike to a guy during Youth Of The nation. They put on an excellent show. It's fun. If they haven't been through your town yet, get tickets, cuz it's an awesome show. // 10

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