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rem: UK (London), June 16, 2005
The sound was amazing and Michael Stripe was brillant, he knew how to work the crowd and he did, he also did a bit of dancing and was entertaining to watch and pitch perfect on every song.
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UK (London), June 16, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 18, 2005
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Sound: R.E.M rocked! The sound was amazing and Michael Stripe was brillant, he new how to work the crowd and he did and he also did abit of dancing and was entertaining to watch and pitch perfect on every song. Pete the guitarist used mainly rickenbacker guitars and played some really cool riffs and the bassist mike used a Fender bass and panio and was a really good musicain. // 10

Perfomance: I loved every mintue even thorgh I didn't know all the songs. The best song they did was probaly losing My Religion or Man On The Moon. On the song Nightswimming Mike the bassist played the panio and Michael sat on top of the paino and you could see the chemistry between two great musicians, towards the end of the song and Michael but his feet on the keys at the end and every enjoyed it. To start of the show they did Bad Day which I think was a good song to start of with and ended with Man On The Moon which every one in London new the words to. // 10

Overall Impression: I got to Hyde Park, London, 16th June 2005, after what seemed like a long morning in London at 2: 30, and there were already queues there so I set up camp and sat down with the others, and as the gates open I saw the first bloke running to the front and my heart was poundding because I wantted to be that guy. As I got to were I was I was about 4 people behind barrery of the normal standing bit and was in a good spot. As the first act came on people got closer and and people got closer as the acts came on and pretty soon I was surronded. The acts were Idlewild which I enjoyed and Feeder which I got bored of quickly. From the first song to the last was amazing. Michael stripe had his "war" paint on and he really did entertain me as the other members of the band. As they got into the 2nd song Chris Matrin out of Coldplay walk passed me into VIP bit, and I wasnt qick enough to get a picture and I saw him doing a little dance in the VIP box. I think it's really good that other musicains going to other people's concerts and it was good to see a member of a big band at anothers concert and it brings a warm felling to my heart being a musician. During a break between a song Michael said " have you had a nice time sunbathing in Hyde Park? 'cause I know I f--king have." Overall I didn't know what to acpect and I went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Hyde Park and was amazing and I thort that I wouldn't be as good but it was as good and REM have my high respects which they have already have for many years but now they are higher and I would go see them again any day. I urge you all to go and do go deeds and make people happy in any way and as I write I am gettin abit drunk so I think I'll leave it there. Overall R.E.M. amazing. And the two words I sum all of this up is. // 10

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