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rolling stones: Canada (Toronto), September 26, 2005
The greatest rock and roll band does it again! Mick was out there doing his thing the was that only Mick could, he also played guitar for a few songs and he wasn't half bad either.
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Canada (Toronto), September 26, 2005 Reviewed by: Advilmonkeyman, on october 03, 2005
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Sound: The greatest rock and roll band does it again! Mick was out there doing his thing the was that only Mick could, he also played guitar for a few songs and he wasn't half bad either, Keith is Keith and only Keith can do Keith. He was on the ball the whole time providing the audience with a sound only he can make. With a wide array of Keith banjos (Keith often only has 5 strings on his guitar because he tunes to Open G which can means that the E string is tuned to D which he does not like the sound of). Keith even at one point played a Strat! Believe it or not, only for one song. Charlie was soild. Pounding away with as much might as an angry gorilla which was very impressive because he had just over come a bout With Cancer. Ron was however I believe did not have a good night, he seemed a little out of tune or in the wrong key at some points but at least he was giving it his all. The Stones brought along a Keyboardist (Chuck Leavell), four piece horn section, and several back up singers which included Lisa Fischer who helped Mick sing "Night Time (Is the Right Time)," The Stones' tribute to Ray Charles. Honestly, the sound quality where I was sitting was not very good. Lots of echo, but that's not The Stones' fault! The Rogers Centre is really crappy as far as acoustics are concerned. // 10

Perfomance: I doubt there was a single person in that arena that did not enjoy the show. The Stones set list coonsisted of: 01. Start Me Up - always a great one to get you in the mood for rocking! 02. You Got Me Rockin' - another one to get you ready for what was to come. 03. She's So Cold - kind a surprise, very good though. Someone looked like they had a bit too much time on there hands when making the video for the jumbo tron. 04. Tumblin Dice - a classic. 05. Rough Justice - the First of only few new songs the Stones that where played. I enjoyed it. However it was clear most of the crowd was there for the hits. 06. Dead Flowers - Mick played guitar on this one and did a damn good job. A really country feel to it. 07. Bitch - I don't remember this one. 08. Night Time (Is The Right Time) - to be honest I found it kind of boring, but it was cool and Lisa Fischer's voice was amazing! 09. The Worst - it's Keiths turn to be the front man. Nothing special to be honest 10. Infamy - again, Keith is the front man. The second of few tunes off A Bigger Bang. I enjoyed it again the crowd was there for the hits. 11. Miss You - Mick was back with a hands free mic and a Strat. Mick, Keith, Ron, and Daryl Jones (bassist) all hoped aboard Charles drum platform kinda thing a floated onto the little stage and presided to play. 12. Oh No, Not You Again - the last of the new songs from A Bigger Bang. 13. Satisfaction - I was about twenty feet away from The Stones at this point. It got so loud that though out must of the song I couldn't hear it. All I could hear was the people around me having a good time! 14. Honky Tonk Woman - probably my favorite song of the night. Again hearing it was difficult because the crowd was so loud but man what a great time! The Stones hoped back on Charles magic drummers carpet and flouted back to the main stage. 15. Out Of Control - during this one a giant inflatable psychedelic tongue popped out from the back of the stage. It was pretty damn cool. The song, not so special. 16. Sympathy For The Devil - the crowd was a hoping and everyone was having a great time! Done to perfection. 17. Brown Sugar - a Stones Classic done the classic Stones way. Great! 18. Jumpin Jack Flash - the one everyone was there to hear. Mick was grooving Keith was doing his thing and everyone was into it. Encore: 19. You Can't Always Get What You Want - at this point some of the audience had left, idiots! I guess they thought the show was over. 20. It's Only Rock 'N' Roll - the final song. I wish it would have never ended. Every one was flouting on Micks cloud and no one was getting off anytime soon (even to this day, almost one week from when the show actually happened I'm still only listening to Stones tunes). // 10

Overall Impression: Canada, Toronto, Rogers Centre (SkyDome), Monday, September, 26, 2005. The Stones massive 90-feet tall and 285-feet wide stage, which overpowered the Rogers Centre (It's always going to be the SkyDome to me) completely swallowed up the small and not very amusing Beck and the four other guys he had with him. I loved when the Stones traveled to the little stage (which I was sitting about 20 feet away from) I was in heaven! The audience got into it to! Drunk chicks standing on chairs and falling over, more chicks taking there tops of and throwing them at Mick, drunk guys spilling beer all over me, getting some chicks ass in my face. It was great! It was basically a happy mosh pit! Tickets however cost a little more than I was hoping for (floor seats for $150 CAN) but man, it was worth every penny and to me and even more! I'm already starting to save up for the next time The Stones come to town! Even if your not a Stones fan everyone needs to see a Stones concert before they die! // 10

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