Australia (Brisbane), January 6, 2005 Review

artist: shins date: 01/13/2006 category: live concerts
shins: Australia (Brisbane), January 6, 2005
Their set list was incredible! They played almost all their songs minus one or tow and even gave a taste of a brand new song.
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Australia (Brisbane), January 6, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on january 13, 2006
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Sound: Definatley one of the best, if not the best concert I have ever been to. The Shins knew exactly what their fans wanted and didn't leave anyone dissapointed. Their set list was incredible! They played almost all their songs minus one or tow and even gave us a taste of a brand new song. // 10

Perfomance: As I said the setlist was incredible! I can't remeber exactly what order the songs were in but I will try my best. 01. Caring Is Creepy - the perfect way to start the concert, got everyone moving. 02. The Celibate Life - another great preformance. 03. Kissing The Lipless - this song really connected with the fans, had them screaming the lyrics. 04. Girl Inform Me - my 2nd favorite song of the night. Brilliant and flawless preformance. 05. Girl On The Wing - came tthrough as a really rocking track, excellent! 06. Mine's Not A High Horse - great and flawlessly preformed. 07. New Slang - pretty surprised to see this ong so early in the set but was an obvios crowd pleaser, did it superbly. 08. Saint Simon - one of my favorite shins tracks, did a excellent job of it. Had the crowd singing along once again. 09. New Song - this song was done really well, cant wait until it is officially released. 10. One By One All Day - they extended this song to about 10 minutes, was awsome! 11. Young Pilgrim - great acoustic number, went down very well with the crowd 12. Pink Bullets - another personal favorite, done very well! 13. Turn A Square - crowd pleasing and defiantley a toe tapper! 14. Pressed In A Book - suprisingly my favorite song of the nihgt, was preformed so damn well! 15. Your Algebra - another awesome one. 16. Fighting In A Sack - dancing away to the song. 17. Mine's Not A High Horse - another goodie. 18. Those To Come - great way to finish up. Encore: 19. Girl Inform Me - was really hoping to hear this track, didn't dissapoint me. 20. So Says I - the obvious finisher, left the crowd very very pleased. // 10

Overall Impression: The shins preformed at the Tivoli theater, Brisbane, Austealia. The place was absolutley packed and rightfully so. The Shins proved that they're one of the best live acts going around at the moment. Tickets were amazingly only $40.00 which is very good for a band like this. The Brunetts were the opening band and I must give them credit they did a good job. I will finish by saying The Shins are not to be missed! // 10

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