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artist: tragically hip date: 07/14/2007 category: live concerts
tragically hip: Canada (Vancouver), July 12, 2007
Nothing was over distorted or anything, you could here everything well, it was such a smooth sound.
 Sound: 10
 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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Canada (Vancouver), July 12, 2007 Reviewed by: mikeguitardude, on july 14, 2007
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Sound: The sound was just pure awesome. It was the Tragically Hip show and there name really gives away Who they are and how they would sound Live they really did sound Tragically Hip. After the opening band finished the roadies came on the stage and made sure evrything was in perfect tune, then next thing I knew the stadium went pitch black Gordy and the guys came out and did there thing. Nothing was over distorted or anything, you could here everything well, it was such a smooth sound. The bass was really good, the drums were awesome, both guitars were perfect together and with Gordons vocals that just topped it off. One of the guitar players and the bassist were doing back up vocals and they both sounded great. Especially on 'Grace, Too'. So overall I give the sound and singing a 100% it was one of the best sounding concerts I've ever been too. // 10

Perfomance: The audience along with me loved them. Everyone was freaking out, out of there minds. As soon as the lights turned off in the stadium everyone was screaming at the top of there lungs it was wild. Then they came out on the stage and Gordy said Hi Vancouver music lovers! and everyone was going wild. They opened with 'The lonely end of the rink' this was a good opening song they played it along with the rest of the show full of energy, and then at the end of that song he said Vancouver you know what? Everyone says What? He said Well, New Orleans is sinking and everyone went wild as they played New Orleans is sinking, then after that he said, 'hey everyone lets go to work' and they played 'My music at work' then the rest of the set is, it's a good life if you don't weaken, Family band, Ahead by a century(lots of major freaking out and everyone sang it), Yer not the ocean, Courage(for Hugh Mclennon), World Container, Long time running, In view, Springtime in Vienna, At the hundredth Meridean, Bobcaygeon(another big sing along one), The kids don't get it, Fully Completely(I lost my mind on this song), Blow at high dough(the big hit everyone was crazy) then they said thank you very very much everyone, music lovers of Vancouver music lovers! Thanks on behalf of Gm Place Well see you again! And left the stage and everyone screamed Hip Hip Hip Hip Hip! over and over again and they came out for an Encore. They said thank you so much everyone, and played The drop off, Grace, too(a big sing along), and ended the night with one of my favourites 'Fireworks' that's a really good song. Then they left the stage for good. The lead singer was doing really odd, wierd but hilarious things throughout the whole show every now and then he would take a towel and wipe off every members face while they were playing songs it was funny. In the middle of the show he said, 'Hey I remember everyone here, I remember you and pointed out to random spots in the crowd and said I remember you Steve hey Steve I remember you Amber I remember you John And plenty more names it was funny because he just started yelling out random popular names and he was like see I remember all of you. Just before they went into 'Fully Completely' the lead singer said 'do you all want half? and everyone said no! Do you want a portion and everyone screamed No! Do you want a fraction everyone said No! Do you want a piece everyone said No! Then he said do you want fully? and a lot of people said YA!!, including me then he said do you want completely and everyone said Ya!! including me but half of the people including me screamed No I want fully and completely!! And then he said or do you want Fully and Completely And Everyone screamed Ya! So it was a great show overall. // 10

Overall Impression: The show was in Canada, Vancouver, B.C, on July 12, 2007. The Sadies opened for them. Unmfortunately not many people liked the Sadies. I wasn't a huge fan. They were a bluegrass type band. The hip should have got someone more like them to open. The tickets were about 90 bucks a ticket well worth it. The most unforgettable moments of the show were these 3 guys were stoned out of there minds running around the floor where your not allowed and waving there arms everywhere. And the very most unforgettable moment was the entire damn show. I loved everything about it I just wished they could have played 'Three Pistols' and 'Boots or Hearts'. That's what I really wanted. But it was freakin awesome. // 9

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