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artist: unseen date: 12/15/2005 category: live concerts
unseen: USA (Hartford), December 2, 2005
The sound at this show was amazing, the intruments were all set to equal volumes so that everything was clear to the audience. The Unseen had so much energy and the crowd loved it.
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USA (Hartford), December 2, 2005 Reviewed by: unregistered, on december 15, 2005
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Sound: The sound at this show was amazing, far better than I expected. Everytime I have seen a punk band live the sound was so so or not to great. The Unseen by far blew my mind. The intruments were all set to equal volumes so that everything was clear to the audience. Also Mark was amazing. He hit every note exactly as heard on their album. // 10

Perfomance: There were about 100 people at the show and no one stopped moving the entire time. The floor was a pit of everyone skankin and rockin to the music. There were three opening bands Stressbomb, Bloodshot Hooligans, and The Ducky Boys. Stressbomb was a local band from New London CT. These guys were awesome and reminded me of The Bastards. It was cool to see them dancing in the crowd after their set to the other bands. Bloodshot Hooligans was by far my favorite opener. The lead singer had so much energy and was running around in the crowd trying to get everyone to clap. The Hooligans had a very Dropkick Murphys sound. The final opener was The Ducky Boys a punk band from Boston as well. They had a lot of energy and also played a Operation Ivy cover of Knowledge which really got the crowd going. The Unseen however was amazing. They had so much energy and the crowd loved it. I can't remember every song that they played but some highlights were: On The Otherside - the show opened with this song and it couldnt have started a better way. The minute they hit the first palm muting note the crowd went nuts. Scream Out - they went straight into this song from on the otherside and again were amazing hitting everynote. Explode - Mark held the mic into the crowd so everyone had a chance to sing. False Hope - my personal favorite song by them. They closed with this and I was lucky enough to be able to sing into the mic during it. They came back on to play two encore songs one of which was a crowd favorite Are We There Yet? // 10

Overall Impression: The show took place at the Webster Underground Theatre in Hartford, CT on Dec 2, 2005. The tickets cost only $10 and for that price was an amazing show. All the opening acts were awesome as well and I know am listenin 2 their music. I would have paid 5x the amount to see this show. The most unforgettable moments were bein able to sing into the microphone and my friend getting to go on stage and sing with Mark. // 10

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