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white stripes: Canada (Whitehorse), June 25, 2007
Jack lasted all night with out totally ruining his voice.
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 Perfomance: 10
 Overall Impression: 9
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Canada (Whitehorse), June 25, 2007 Reviewed by: insane96, on august 22, 2007
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Sound: Jack lasted all night with out totally ruining his voice. Our centers sounds system isn't all that great, so it was a little bit of an echo. But Jake and Meg did Awesome. Kudos! Drums, guitars, synths, Banjo, piano, percussion instruments. The music was great, never ending rythum. As I said before, Yukon Arts centers doesn't have the equipment to handle this kind of music. The bass amp was Busted by the end of the concert. Blame Whitehorse! This was my first rock concert and a good one to start with. // 9

Perfomance: Whitehorse generaly has a good taste in music. 200 tickets where sold in 12 minutes. So we loved them! I had to bum a ticket off of a friend, even if I was at least 10th in line I still didn't get my own ticket. Omg, I can't even remember what ones they played. A lot of them, that's for sure! I loved Little Ghost when he played I, he ran on stage with his Bango. When they played Seven nation army we all just freaked out! It was just an amazing expirience. They didn't play button to button. But, they played from thier new album, Icky Thump. Special moments? Tons! The lighting was great. The stage helpers where all wearing suits with red ties. When one of the guitars fell, one of the stage helpers ran on to fix it, then Jake trashed the stage (as a joke) to make the stage helper clean it. Meg and Jake where wearing red (surprise) I noticed on the Fender amp there was a Canadian leaf. Also, megs Bass drum was a button. At the end of the show Jake brought on a Yukon flag and waved it around as did Meg. In Seven Nation Army in the lyrics he said "I'm going to Whitehorse" as aposed from "I'm going to Wichita" It made us scream hardcore. // 10

Overall Impression: Canada, Yukon, Whitehorse, Yukon Arts Center, June 25th 2007. There was no opener, but I was told there was seposed to be someone on called "Happy Hardcore" But, I guess I was told wrong. I loved the personality he gave to the show, and respect, I guess you would call it. Example, they knew what city they where in. One ticket cost $40. They could have sold it for $60. The most unforgetable moment. This little 5 year old kid rocking out hardcore then falling asleep near the end of the show. And the under age drinking. I would love to go to thier next gig. Give me money and I'm off! // 9

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