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artist: white stripes date: 02/06/2006 category: live concerts
white stripes: UK (London), November 6, 2005
They sounded phenomenal. The amount of distortion they manage to get out of the guitars and the simple but strong drum beats were just mind blowing.
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 Overall Impression: 9
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UK (London), November 6, 2005 Reviewed by: big fat turd, on february 06, 2006
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Sound: The white stripes are amazing. That's a fact. Jack White is a guitar god. That is also a fact. They sound phenomenal. The amount of distortion they manage to get out of the guitars and the simple but strong drum beats were just mind blowing. It was a simple recipe, but it was fantastic. But for some reason Jack and Meg started to head in a new direction. I won't lie, when I heard that the white stripes were remaking themselves I thought that they were commiting musical suicide but how wrong was I. They brought in a new range of instruments including bass, piano, bongos and xylophones and released 'Get Behind Me Satan'. I don't think anyone could have predicted the destination of this new direction. It was amazing. This new and bold move made the white stripes stand out. They were jaw droppingly brilliantly fantastic, and live, at the Hammersmith Apollo on Sunday the 6th of November 2005 they did not dissapoint. // 8

Perfomance: Everyone loved them. Everything about them was strange and mysterious. There was a strange Hawaian themed background and when Jack came on, he was wearing long black coat and black top hat. But the music was unforgetable, and the solos were gob-smacking. They played '7 Nation Army' with its classic riff, 'Blue Orchid' one of the first songs that came from the remade white stripes was played amazingly fast, and 'The Denial Twist' one of my favorite white stripes songs was played to rock perfection even though there was no bassist! I was disappointed by 'cold cold night' because for some reason it felt kind of hollow, like there was a good song, but there was something missing. // 10

Overall Impression: Even though there was a bad support band, a long wait to just get inside the actual building, and the longer wait to actually see the white stripes at the Hammersmith Apollo I still think it was well worth the 50 ticket price. And there was funny moments like the men transvestites (don't worry they weren't really transvestites, they just got paid to dress up as women) waiting around and the security guard that took a stage-diver outside and dared him to do it again! And on top of that, the transvestites were handing out free CDs to download the 'Denial Twist' live that same night! If you can get tickets to a White Stripes gig, use this advice wisely, turn up half an hour late, you still won't miss a thing. // 9

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