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who: USA (Houston), November 18, 2006
The music was very good, and recieved standing ovations for some songs.
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USA (Houston), November 18, 2006 Reviewed by: Matt Montoya, on november 20, 2006
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Sound: Roger Daltry's vocals during the Houston, TX concert were very impressive. His voice did crack one or two times, but for the most part, he sounded like he did when he was young. Pete Townshend used a Fender stratocastor and an acoustic guitar for the show, and their new drummer wasn't quite as good as Keith Moon (of course), but he still could play pretty good. The music was very good, and recieved standing ovations for some songs. // 9

Perfomance: The audience and I absolutely loved the concerts, and Pete gave some commentary, while dropping a few F-Bombs. Here's the set list (I might forget or dearrange the order for some songs): 01. I Can't Explain - a pretty good performance of a song so old. 02. Fragments - off of their new album. Sounds a lot like Baba O'Riley. 03. Who Are You - one of their best performances, sounding a lot like the studio version. 04. Man In A Purple Dress - very good performance, and Pete Townhend had good acoustic guitar playing. 05. Behind Blue Eyes - one of my favorite songs, and it's just what you'd expect 06. Mini Opera: Sound Round, Pick Up The Peace, Endless Wire, We Got A Hit, The Made My Dream Come True, Mirror Door - it was a good Opera, and It's off their new album. 07. Baba O'Riley - one of their two best performances of the night. The Crowd loved it, and Pete said after the song "It doesn't get much better than that." 08. I couldn't place the name of one song. It was very psychedelic, and I enjoyed it though. 09. My Generation - before this song, Pete said "We went to Europe, now we're in North America, then we're going to Australia. We're just trying to kill ourselves. We're trying to die before we get old". The song performance was a fun, exciting and good performance. 10. You Better You Bet - I personaly never cared for the song, but I still thought the show was good. 11. Won't Get Fooled Again - amazing, and the other best performance of the night. I loved watching them play this song. Encore: 12. Pinball Wizard - after much of the crowd screaming, they finally cam out and played this classic, and I really enjoyed it. 13. See Me, Feel Me - once again, awesome performance. 14. Tea & Theatre - I thought this acoustic song wasn't bad, but I thought they would have closed the show with a classic. I was hoping for "Bargain", but This was their closer. The lights were very very bright. There were also 5 screens that could move and were showing all these different things. // 9

Overall Impression: The Concert was in USA, Houston TX, Toyota Center on the 18th of November. The Pretenders opened up, and the Show was great. My seats weren't that great. I sat in the back, and they costed $53, but I still thought it was worth it. I will go to their next show if they come to Houston. // 9

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