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Courtney Love: 'I Lost 27 Million of Nirvana Money After Kurt Died' [ general music news ] 12/08/2014
Courtney Love Rules Out Hole Reunion:'I Don't Want to Get on the Oldies Circuit' [ general music news ] 24/07/2014
Kurt Cobain Biopic Production to Start Within a Year, Courtney Love Says [ general music news ] 24/07/2014
Courtney Love Joining Marilyn Manson in 'Sons of Anarchy' Final Season [ entertainment ] 09/07/2014
Courtney Love Hints at Miley Cyrus Collaboration: 'Might Sound Cool' [ general music news ] 08/07/2014
Courtney Love: 'Kurt Cobain Was Desperate to Be the Biggest Rock Star in the World' [ general music news ] 01/07/2014
Courtney Love: 'It's Time to Make Amends With Dave Grohl' [ general music news ] 19/06/2014
Courtney Love Says She Tried to 'Mentor' Peaches Geldof [ general music news ] 22/05/2014
Courtney Love Premieres 'You Know My Name' Video [ general music news ] 07/05/2014
Courtney Love's Dad Still Insisting His Daughter Was Involved in Kurt Cobain's Death [ general music news ] 06/05/2014
Kurt Cobain's 'B-tch With Zits' Note Actually Written by Courtney Love [ general music news ] 02/05/2014
New Kurt Cobain's Death Scene Note Surfaces, Accuses Courtney Love of 'Doping and Whoring' [ general music news ] 30/04/2014
Courtney Love Unveils New Song 'Wedding Day' [ general music news ] 30/04/2014
Courtney Love Premieres New Song 'You Know My Name' [ general music news ] 23/04/2014
Courtney Love: 'I Have a Higher Bar Than QOTSA' [ general music news ] 18/04/2014
Courtney Love on Bruce Springsteen: 'Saxophones Don't Belong in Rock 'n' Roll' [ general music news ] 17/04/2014
Courtney Love, Dave Grohl Feud Might Be Over: 'Thank You Dave, I Love You' [ general music news ] 14/04/2014
Kurt Cobain's Death Wasn't a Suicide and Courtney Love Was Involved, New Documentary Claims [ general music news ] 09/04/2014
Courtney Love Jokes About Fronting Nirvana: 'Yeah, That'll Be the Day' [ wtf? ] 08/04/2014
Courtney Love Backtracks on Hole Reunion: 'Nothing Might Happen' [ general music news ] 07/04/2014
Courtney Love Reunites Classic Hole Lineup [ general music news ] 03/04/2014
Courtney Love: 'Everyone Thinks Kurt Wasn't Ambitious, But He Really Wanted That Time Magazine Cover' [ general music news ] 19/03/2014
Has Courtney Love Solved the Missing Malaysian Plane Mystery? [ general music news ] 18/03/2014
Courtney Love Makes Peace Offer to Dave Grohl? [ general music news ] 12/03/2014
Courtney Love Sued By Psychiatrist for Almost $50,000 [ wtf? ] 26/02/2014
Courtney Love: 'I Should Be Dead a Million Times Over' [ general music news ] 21/02/2014
Hole Reunion 'Slowly, Steadily' Happening, Courtney Love Says [ general music news ] 17/02/2014
Courtney Love on Nirvana's Hall of Fame Induction: 'It'll Be 'Awkward' With Dave Grohl' [ general music news ] 12/02/2014
Courtney Love Announces New Web Series, Comments on Dave Grohl Feud [ entertainment ] 31/01/2014
Albert Hammond Jr.: 'Courtney Love is Full of Sh-t' [ general music news ] 08/11/2013
Garbage's Shirley Manson Praises Courtney Love: 'Where Are the New Girls Who Want to Upturn Tables?' [ general music news ] 08/11/2013
Courtney Love: 'I Get Hit on by Guys Because They Want to Be Cast in That Kurt Cobain Biopic' [ entertainment ] 06/11/2013
Courtney Love: 'Katy Pery Is Boring and Sad, She's Damaged Goods' [ general music news ] 24/10/2013
Courtney Love Releasing Autobiography in December, Talks Relationships With Trent Reznor and Kurt Cobain [ entertainment ] 22/10/2013
Courtney Love Slams Katy Perry, Robin Thicke and Jared Leto [ general music news ] 11/09/2013
Courtney Love on Nirvana Reunion: 'Dave Grohl Is an A-shole' [ general music news ] 02/08/2013
Courtney Love Looking to Play Herself in Kurt Cobain Biopic [ entertainment ] 31/07/2013
Courtney Love: 'I Wanted to Be Grunge, but No One Would Let Me in' [ general music news ] 26/06/2013
Courtney Love on Band Reunions: 'It's Something That Miserable People Do for Money' [ general music news ] 24/06/2013
Courtney Love Advertises for Bassist on 'Craigslist' [ wtf? ] 30/05/2013
Courtney Love Retires Hole [ general music news ] 10/05/2013
Courtney Love 'Sells Out' to E-Cigs [ wtf? ] 03/04/2013
New Music Playlist: Flaming Lips, Courtney Love, Halestorm [ ug news ] 14/02/2013
Courtney Love And Michael Stipe To Duet On New Johnny Depp Album [ upcoming releases ] 14/02/2013
Courtney Love Covers Jay-Z's '99 Problems' - Watch [ general music news ] 29/01/2013
Courtney Love Rants At Reunited Nirvana [ general music news ] 14/12/2012
Iggy Pop, Courtney Love For Johnny Depp's 'Pirate' Compilation [ general music news ] 09/12/2012
Courtney Love 'Isn't Involved' In Cobain Film [ general music news ] 20/11/2012
Courtney Love Denies Cobain Musical Rumors [ general music news ] 05/11/2012
Courtney Love To Lana Del Rey: 'Next Time You Sing 'Heart-Shaped Box' Think About My Vagina' [ wtf? ] 31/07/2012
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