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Dave Lombardo Talks Working on Disney Cartoon 'Dudes of Legend County:' 'It's a Pilot, Hope It Makes It' [ entertainment ] 15/08/2014
Dave Lombardo Says Slayer Is Missing 'Certain Magic' Without Him, Compares Himself to John Bonham [ general music news ] 13/08/2014
Dave Lombardo and Faith No More Bassist Join Forces for New House of Hayduk Album [ general music news ] 01/08/2014
Dave Lombardo's Philm Releasing New Album 'Fire From the Evening Sun' This September [ upcoming releases ] 28/07/2014
Dave Lombardo Confirms Tracking New Philm EP [ upcoming releases ] 18/06/2014
Dave Lombardo Officially Joins Amen [ entertainment ] 12/06/2014
Dave Lombardo Working on Music for Disney Cartoon: 'Never Thought It Could Be This Fun!' [ entertainment ] 29/05/2014
Dave Lombardo's Philm Releasing New Album 'Fire From the Evening Sun' Around July [ upcoming releases ] 22/04/2014
Dave Lombardo: 'Believe It or Not, Metal Has a Lot of Boundaries' [ general music news ] 16/04/2014
Dave Lombardo Doesn't Think He Will Ever Play With Slayer Again [ general music news ] 01/04/2014
Slayer Only Paid Dave Lombardo $745 Per Show [ general music news ] 14/03/2014
Dave Lombardo on Slayer: 'They Weren't My Friends, Just Business Partners' [ general music news ] 11/03/2014
Dave Lombardo: 'In 100 Years Everyone Will Still Be Trying to Figure Out How Zeppelin Achieved Such Raw Sound' [ general music news ] 03/03/2014
Dave Lombardo 'Sickened, Shocked' By Former Bandmates: 'If It Wasn't for Me, Slayer Wouldn't Exist' [ general music news ] 17/02/2014
Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo: 'There Are No Friends When It Comes to Money' [ general music news ] 04/02/2014
Dave Lombardo to Appear on the New Sepultura Record [ upcoming releases ] 17/06/2013
Slayer Officially Replace Dave Lombardo with Paul Bostaph [ general music news ] 31/05/2013
Dave Lombardo Might Never Return to Slayer [ general music news ] 19/04/2013
Drummer Jon Dette Talks About Permanently Replacing Dave Lombardo In Slayer [ general music news ] 13/03/2013
Dave Lombardo Thanks Fans For Support And Sincerity [ general music news ] 05/03/2013
Slayer Frontman Doubted Dave Lombardo 'For A While' [ general music news ] 04/03/2013
Slayer Release Official Statement On Dave Lombardo's Replacement [ general music news ] 22/02/2013
Dave Lombardo Kicked Out Of Slayer? [ general music news ] 21/02/2013
'Extremely Sorry' Soundtrack Featuring Lemmy, Dave Lombardo And More [ upcoming releases ] 17/11/2009
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