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Dave Mustaine: 'I Regret Punching James Hetfield in the Mouth' [ general music news ] 07/08/2014
Dave Mustaine Talks New Megadeth Album, Compares New Song to 'Holy Wars' [ general music news ] 31/07/2014
Dave Mustaine on Performing With Metallica in 2011: 'It Must've Been Awkward for Kirk to Hear Those Songs Played Like They Were Supposed To' [ wtf? ] 29/07/2014
There's No Sense in Friedman and Menza Returning to Megadeth, According to Dave Mustaine [ general music news ] 28/07/2014
Dave Mustaine Talks New Album Inspiration, Cites Jack Bauer and Health Care Issues [ general music news ] 25/07/2014
Dave Mustaine: 'I Have 130 Song Ideas for New Album' [ general music news ] 22/07/2014
Dave Mustaine Covers Jimi Hendrix's National Anthem Rendition for 'America' Movie [ entertainment ] 30/05/2014
Dave Mustaine's Daughter Electra Performs 'Heart of Gold' Cover With Stryper Frontman Michael Sweet [ general music news ] 07/05/2014
Dave Mustaine Addresses 20th Anniversary 'Youthanasia' Show Rumors: 'A Dreadful Situation' [ general music news ] 28/04/2014
Dave Mustaine: 'I Don't Care What Anybody Says, Broderick Is Better Than Friedman' [ general music news ] 16/04/2014
Dave Mustaine Performs With San Diego Symphony, Footage Surfaces [ general music news ] 14/04/2014
Dave Mustaine: 'Three Best Rhythm Guitar Players in the World Were Myself, James Hetfield and Malcolm Young' [ general music news ] 07/04/2014
Dave Mustaine Listens to Metallica Albums in Full for the First Time, Posts Reviews [ general music news ] 02/04/2014
Dave Mustaine: 'When You Say You're a Christian, People Think You're Anti-Gay' [ general music news ] 27/03/2014
Dave Mustaine's 'Symphony Interrupted' Wine Now Available [ entertainment ] 27/03/2014
Dave Mustaine: 'It's Hard Being an Anarchist With a Mercedes-Benz in Your Driveway' [ general music news ] 13/03/2014
Dave Mustaine: 'The Cowardice on the Internet P-sses Me Off So Bad' [ general music news ] 26/02/2014
Dave Mustaine Denies Kicking Newsted Off Soundwave [ general music news ] 07/02/2014
Folk Rocker Writes Song About Metallica Overshadowing Dave Mustaine [ entertainment ] 31/01/2014
Dave Mustaine Talks Signature Guitar: 'This Thing Will Stop Ted Nugent's Guitar!' [ general music news ] 29/01/2014
Dave Mustaine Is Crazier Than Billy Corgan, Experts Agree [ wtf? ] 27/01/2014
Dave Mustaine: 'I'd Rather Have My Eyelids Pulled Out Than Listen to Nu Metal' [ general music news ] 24/01/2014
Dave Mustaine: 'I Didn't Say That No More Big Four Shows Can Happen' [ general music news ] 07/01/2014
Dave Mustaine: 'New Generation Doesn't Want to Experience Emotions' [ entertainment ] 16/12/2013
Dave Mustaine: ''Super Collider' Is a Biopic of Our Career' [ general music news ] 04/12/2013
Dave Mustaine Blames 'Mob Mentality' for 'Super Collider' Critics Bashing [ general music news ] 29/11/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'Just Because You're a Metal Player Doesn't Mean You Can't Play Something Really Beautiful' [ general music news ] 11/11/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'The Best Is Yet to Come for Megadeth' [ entertainment ] 06/11/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'Marty and Chris Are Better Guitarists Than Me' [ general music news ] 23/10/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'Growing Up as a Redhead Kid - I Didn't Have a Lot of Friends' [ general music news ] 17/10/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'Australia, Big Four, Why Not?' [ general music news ] 16/10/2013
Dave Mustaine to Perform With San Diego Symphony [ general music news ] 14/10/2013
Dave Mustaine on Social Media: 'The Internet Has Wuss-a-Fied So Many People' [ general music news ] 09/10/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'Thanks to Shock and Outrage, Many Great Musicians Will Never See the Light of Day' [ general music news ] 26/09/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'When It Comes to Solos, You Can't Just Do Scales and Sweeps' [ general music news ] 19/09/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'I Don't Believe in Religion, I Have a Personal Relationship With God' [ general music news ] 16/09/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'Making Another 'Rust in Peace' Would Be Easy' [ general music news ] 12/09/2013
Dave Mustaine Talks New Megadeth Album Writing Process [ upcoming releases ] 04/09/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'If You Want to Be Treated Intelligently, Act Intelligent' [ general music news ] 29/08/2013
Dave Mustaine Studying 'Crazy Science Stuff' for New Megadeth Album [ upcoming releases ] 27/08/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'Singing Is Not My Strong Point' [ wtf? ] 19/08/2013
Megadeth Tune Down One Step to Compensate for Dave Mustaine's Voice [ wtf? ] 15/08/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'Religion Sucks' [ wtf? ] 05/08/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'I'm One of the Few Thrashers Brave Enough to Delve Into Melody' [ general music news ] 01/08/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'I've Been Through Stuff People Would Die Just Watching' [ general music news ] 30/07/2013
Dave Mustaine Talks 'Super Collider:' 'I'm Not the Kind of Musician That Won't Allow Myself to Grow' [ general music news ] 29/07/2013
Dave Mustaine on Modern Music Technology: 'It Made It Possible to Fool the Public' [ general music news ] 17/07/2013
Dave Mustaine on Online Haters: 'I Own Those B-tches' [ general music news ] 05/07/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'Thrash Metal Fans Don't Want to Accept Rock [ general music news ] 03/07/2013
Dave Mustaine: 'Metal Is Just Punk Rock With Long Hair' [ general music news ] 26/06/2013
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