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Courtney Love, Dave Grohl Feud Might Be Over: 'Thank You Dave, I Love You' [ general music news ] 14/04/2014
Stream the Birds of Satan's Debut Album Featuring Dave Grohl [ upcoming releases ] 08/04/2014
Face Discovered on Surface of Mars Is Identical to Dave Grohl's, NASA Confirms [ entertainment ] 02/04/2014
Bush Begin Work on New Album in Dave Grohl's Studio [ upcoming releases ] 31/03/2014
Melvins Frontman Not Fan of Dave Grohl, Calls Them Crooked Vultures a 'Pop Band' [ general music news ] 28/03/2014
Mike Portnoy: 'I'm the Dave Grohl of Prog' [ general music news ] 25/03/2014
Dave Grohl Honors 'Sexiest Elbows in Rock' in Ridiculous Video [ entertainment ] 19/03/2014
Courtney Love Makes Peace Offer to Dave Grohl? [ general music news ] 12/03/2014
Dave Grohl and Billy Corgan Featured in Kickstarter Campaign for Studio Documentary [ general music news ] 10/03/2014
Foo Fighters Drummer Launches New Project Birds of Satan, Dave Grohl Making Guest Appearance [ general music news ] 05/03/2014
Public Is Over-Saturated With Dave Grohl, Journalist Explains [ general music news ] 14/02/2014
Courtney Love on Nirvana's Hall of Fame Induction: 'It'll Be 'Awkward' With Dave Grohl' [ general music news ] 12/02/2014
Dave Grohl Talks New Foo Fighters: 'We Haven't Disclosed Exactly What We're Doing' [ upcoming releases ] 03/02/2014
Courtney Love Announces New Web Series, Comments on Dave Grohl Feud [ entertainment ] 31/01/2014
Black Sabbath, Dave Grohl, Led Zeppelin Among Grammys 2014 Winners [ general music news ] 27/01/2014
QOTSA, Dave Grohl, NIN Closing Grammy Awards 2014 With All-Star Jam [ general music news ] 22/01/2014
Dave Grohl on Nirvana's Hall of Fame Induction: 'For Once, I'm Speechless' [ entertainment ] 18/12/2013
Dave Grohl: 'There's a Bigger Theme to New Foo Fighters Record' [ entertainment ] 11/12/2013
Dave Grohl Announces 'Badass' Foos Record: 'We're Doing Something Nobody Knows About' [ upcoming releases ] 27/11/2013
Kurt Cobain Almost Banned Dave Grohl From Performing Nirvana's 'Unplugged' Show [ general music news ] 25/11/2013
Vote for Track of the Week: Eric Clapton, Ghost BC and Dave Grohl and More [ entertainment ] 14/11/2013
Dave Grohl, Jack Black and actor Val Kimler Featured in a New Supergroup [ entertainment ] 28/10/2013
Dave Grohl Gives New Foos Record Update: 'The Way We're Going to Record It - No One's Done It Yet' [ upcoming releases ] 28/10/2013
Ghost and Dave Grohl Releasing Covers EP in November [ upcoming releases ] 08/10/2013
Dave Grohl Remembers Final Conversation With Kurt Cobain [ entertainment ] 25/09/2013
Dave Grohl: 'I Never Felt Secure in Nirvana' [ general music news ] 20/09/2013
Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic Discuss Origins of 'New' Nirvana Song 'Forgotten Tune' [ upcoming releases ] 12/09/2013
Dave Grohl: 'New Nirvana Will F--king Happen' [ general music news ] 10/09/2013
Dave Grohl Shuns 'Rock Is Dead' VMAs Comments: 'Speak for Yourself' [ general music news ] 28/08/2013
Dave Grohl Shares Opinion on Nirvana 'In Utero' Reissue [ general music news ] 21/08/2013
Dave Grohl Performed With Ghost Wearing a Costume [ general music news ] 12/08/2013
Joan Jett Announce New Solo Album Featuring Dave Grohl [ upcoming releases ] 02/08/2013
Courtney Love on Nirvana Reunion: 'Dave Grohl Is an A-shole' [ general music news ] 02/08/2013
Dave Grohl to Release Cover EP with Ghost B.C. [ upcoming releases ] 10/07/2013
Dave Grohl Rescues Rare 1985 Recording [ general music news ] 04/07/2013
Josh Homme: 'Dave Grohl's Ideas Start as a Joke' [ upcoming releases ] 26/04/2013
Dave Grohl on Performing With Rush: 'Tonight Was One of the Most Special Nights of My Life' [ general music news ] 22/04/2013
Josh Homme: 'Dave Grohl Makes Good Music Great' [ upcoming releases ] 10/04/2013
Dave Grohl: 'This Movie is for People in a Band Who've Never Walked Into Recording Studio' [ entertainment ] 03/04/2013
Dave Grohl to Play With Rush at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? [ general music news ] 27/03/2013
Dave Grohl: 'TV Talent Shows Make Everyone Sound Like Christina Aguilera' [ wtf? ] 26/03/2013
Dave Grohl Says He Wanted PJ Harvey to Front Nirvana [ general music news ] 21/03/2013
Industry Roundup: Dave Grohl, Apple And Headphones That Read Your Mind [ industry news ] 19/03/2013
Dave Grohl: 'Gangnam Style Is One Of My Favorite Songs' [ wtf? ] 15/03/2013
Dave Grohl: 'There's a Reason Why Foo Fighters Don't Blast Out Nirvana Songs Every Night' [ general music news ] 13/03/2013
Watch Dave Grohl, Josh Homme And Trent Reznor Record Live In Sound City [ general music news ] 08/03/2013
Dave Grohl: 'Foo Fighters To Begin Work On New Album This Week' [ general music news ] 21/02/2013
Dave Grohl's Sound City Players To Hit London [ general music news ] 13/02/2013
Dave Grohl: 'Grunge Never Went Away' [ general music news ] 12/02/2013
Dave Grohl Reddit AMA: The Best Bits [ general music news ] 11/02/2013
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