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David Draiman Blames 'Biased' Mainstream Media for 'Setting the Stage for a New Holocaust' [ general music news ] 11/08/2014
Comedian Films Epic Disturbed Parody, Gets David Draiman 'Laughing in Tears' [ entertainment ] 12/05/2014
Trivium Open to Working With David Draiman Again [ upcoming releases ] 07/02/2014
Trivium: 'David Draiman's Against Auto-Tune, We Had to Practice What We're Preaching' [ general music news ] 15/10/2013
Trivium Explain David Draiman's Caps Lock Style: 'It Sounds Like He's Insane' [ general music news ] 05/09/2013
David Draiman to Roger Waters: 'Hate Disguised as Art Doesn't Work' [ general music news ] 26/08/2013
David Draiman Defends Spotify: 'It Has Given Us a Platform to Combat Piracy on a Real Level' [ general music news ] 19/07/2013
David Draiman Blasts Rolling Stone: 'I Condemn This Worthless Piece Of S--t F--king Rag of a Magazine' [ general music news ] 18/07/2013
David Draiman on George Zimmerman Trial: 'There is No Greater Pimp Than the Media' [ general music news ] 16/07/2013
David Draiman on Device: 'We're Serious as a Heart Attack, We're a Power Trio From Hell' [ general music news ] 18/06/2013
David Draiman Talks Disturbed Reunion: 'It Will Be an Event' [ general music news ] 26/05/2013
David Draiman Ends Up Singing on the New Megadeth Album [ upcoming releases ] 08/04/2013
Stream David Draiman's Entire Device Album [ upcoming releases ] 05/04/2013
David Draiman Confirmed as Guest Singer on the New Megadeth Album [ upcoming releases ] 01/04/2013
David Draiman: 'Disturbed Will Reunite When the Time Comes' [ general music news ] 28/03/2013
David Draiman Describes Working Away From Disturbed As A 'Wonderful Experience' [ general music news ] 22/02/2013
David Draiman's Device Debuts 'Vilify' Video [ general music news ] 20/02/2013
David Draiman's Device Is Coming [ general music news ] 12/02/2013
Disturbed's David Draiman Getting Married This Weekend [ general music news ] 23/09/2011
David Draiman's Brother Releases 'Soon Enough' Single, Video [ online downloads ] 18/08/2011
Disturbed's David Draiman Hints At Possible Breakup [ general music news ] 22/07/2011
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