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Canadian Dentist Still Planning to Clone John Lennon, Raise Him as Son [ general music news ] 11/04/2014
Down Streaming New Song 'We Knew Him Well' [ general music news ] 18/03/2014
Richie Sambora Says Bon Jovi Isn't 'The Real Thing' Without Him [ general music news ] 28/02/2014
Anselmo Doesn't Know Why Vinnie Paul Is Scared of Him [ general music news ] 06/12/2013
Ace Frehley on Gene Simmons: 'He's a Caricature of Himself, His Only Motivation Is Money' [ general music news ] 05/11/2013
Ozzy Osbourne on Rolling Stone Cover Controversy: 'I Wouldn't Put Him on a Roll of Toilet Paper' [ general music news ] 22/07/2013
Dave Mustaine Attacks Fan During a Concert, Calling Him 'C--t' and 'Fa--ot' [ wtf? ] 07/06/2013
Chester Bennington on Replacing Scott Weiland in STP: 'I Wish Nothing But the Best For Him' [ general music news ] 21/05/2013
HIM Unveil 'All Lips Go Blue' Music Video [ general music news ] 09/05/2013
HIM Cancel Shows Due to Ville Valo's Illness [ general music news ] 06/05/2013
HIM Previewing New Album Tracks [ upcoming releases ] 23/04/2013
HIM Premiere 'Tears on Tape' Video [ upcoming releases ] 16/04/2013
HIM Stream 'Tears on Tape' Headline Song Online [ upcoming releases ] 04/04/2013
Korn, Pearl Jam, Killswitch Engage And HIM Members Name Their Favorite Soundgarden Record [ entertainment ] 06/03/2013
Scott Weiland Claims STP Fired Him To Boost Ticket Sales [ general music news ] 04/03/2013
Did Ted Nugent Puke On Himself To Avoid Draft? [ wtf? ] 24/01/2013
Randy Blythe To Defend Himself In Court [ general music news ] 04/12/2012
Paul McCartney Recalls 'Jobsworth' Who Pulled Plug On Him And Bruce Springsteen [ general music news ] 29/11/2012
Napalm Death Frontman On Earache Founder: 'He Doesn't Like People To Stand Up To Him' [ general music news ] 01/11/2012
Geoff Tate Claims Queensryche Bandmates Tried To Get Rid Of Him For At Least A Year [ general music news ] 15/10/2012
Jack White Goes Head To Head With Himself In 'I'm Shakin' [ online downloads ] 14/10/2012
Axl Rose Wants Los Angeles Photographer To Stop Defaming Him [ wtf? ] 27/09/2012
Benante's Wife 'Attacked Him From Behind' [ wtf? ] 31/07/2012
Cro-Mags Founder Defends Himself After Stabbing Incident [ general music news ] 27/07/2012
Ozzy Kind Act Cost Him $80,000 [ general music news ] 19/07/2012
Great White's Ilous: 'I've Never Heard Of A Singer Leaving A Band And Taking The Name With Him' [ interviews ] 05/06/2012
Lou Reed Has New Genus Of Velvet Spider Named After Him [ general music news ] 28/05/2012
Slash To Let 20 Unsigned Bands Open For Him, Debuts New Song [ upcoming tours ] 07/05/2012
John Lydon Separates Himself From Sex Pistols No 1 Campaign [ general music news ] 18/04/2012
Ex-Metallica Bassist Says Mustaine Was 'Dissing' Him In Interviews [ general music news ] 21/03/2012
HIM Frontman: 'I Want To Recapture Some Sense Of Mystique' [ general music news ] 02/03/2012
Noel Gallagher Hopes Simon Cowell Doesn't Give Him A Million Pounds [ general music news ] 29/02/2012
Former Danzig Star Restrains Woman Who Restrained Him [ general music news ] 16/01/2012
Gene Simmons' Music Piracy Comments 'Made Him A Target For Hackers' [ general music news ] 15/12/2011
Drum Channel Present: Neil Peart Like You Have Never Heard Him Before [ general music news ] 05/12/2011
Rock Fan Kills Himself After Concert Left Him With Tinnitus [ general music news ] 21/11/2011
Metal Guitarist Calls Cops On Himself [ general music news ] 15/11/2011
Sammy Hagar Says Van Halen's 'Reunion' Plans At Grammy Don't Include Him [ general music news ] 11/11/2011
Bret Michaels Gets Hospital Waiting Room Named After Him [ general music news ] 26/10/2011
Man Faces Life Sentence After Killing Neighbour Who Asked Him To Turn His Music Down [ general music news ] 14/10/2011
Courtney Love: 'Kurt Cobain Tried To Kill Himself Three Times' [ general music news ] 06/10/2011
Anthrax Invited Himself Onto Megadeth Album [ general music news ] 06/09/2011
Sebastian Bach Wants Fans To Stop Asking Him About Skid Row Reunion [ general music news ] 22/07/2011
Slash's English Family Remember Him As 'Very Cute' With 'Beautiful Hair' [ general music news ] 19/07/2011
Paul McCartney: Manager Wanted Him To Quit By 50 [ general music news ] 30/06/2011
Ringo Claims Beatles Were 'Lucky' To Get Him [ general music news ] 24/05/2011
NIN's Josh Freese Releases EP Of Songs About Fans (Who Paid Him) [ general music news ] 21/04/2011
Korn Frontman Says Dave Mustaine Was 'Mean' To Him In 1995 [ general music news ] 07/04/2011
Vince Neil's Girlfriend Walks Out On Him [ general music news ] 16/03/2011
Fred Durst To Have Rubbish Department Named After Him? [ general music news ] 04/02/2011
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