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Babymetal: 'We'd Like to Collaborate With Metallica-san' [ general music news ] 14/08/2014
Metallica's 'Black Album' Turns 23, Here's Isolated 'Enter Sandman' Vocal Track [ general music news ] 13/08/2014
Early Metallica Producer: 'Lars Nailed the Machine Gun Part of 'One' in One Take' [ general music news ] 11/08/2014
Babymetal: 'Slayer and Metallica Are Very Different Live From Who They Are Backstage' [ general music news ] 07/08/2014
Metallica: 'We Never Wanted to Get Stuck Like Exodus and Slayer, Limiting Yourself to Please Audience Is Bulls--t' [ general music news ] 04/08/2014
New Documentary Remembers Metallica's First Headlining Show [ general music news ] 30/07/2014
Metallica's Lars Ulrich Tips AC/DC for Next Year's Glastonbury [ general music news ] 30/07/2014
Dave Mustaine on Performing With Metallica in 2011: 'It Must've Been Awkward for Kirk to Hear Those Songs Played Like They Were Supposed To' [ wtf? ] 29/07/2014
Metallica Celebrate 'Ride the Lightning' 30th Anniversary: 'People Started Calling Us Sellouts' [ general music news ] 29/07/2014
Anthrax: 'Every Time Metallica Did Something It Broke Down Another Wall That Rest of Us Could Jump Over' [ general music news ] 25/07/2014
Metallica Appear in Hilarious ESPN Ad for 'Sportscenter' [ entertainment ] 15/07/2014
Metallica's Kirk Hammett to Debut Zombie Action Figure at Comic-Con [ entertainment ] 14/07/2014
Metallica's ''Tallica Parking Lot' Animated Film to Be Screened At Comic-Con International [ entertainment ] 11/07/2014
Lady Gaga Posts Picture of Metallica Audience, Claiming It Is Hers [ wtf? ] 07/07/2014
Metallica's Ulrich: 'I'm Not Ever Sure We're Metal' [ general music news ] 01/07/2014
Metallica Rocks Glasto: Fox-Hunting Jab, Video Footage, 'Sh-te' T-Shirts and More [ entertainment ] 30/06/2014
Lars Ulrich: 'I Don't Think I Want to Do Music Once Metallica Ends' [ general music news ] 27/06/2014
Four in Five Fans Wanted to Sell Their Glastonbury Tickets After Metallica Announcement, Poll Finds [ general music news ] 27/06/2014
Metallica's Lars Ulrich on New Track: 'It's Going Down Well, It's a Good Song' [ general music news ] 24/06/2014
Metallica Release New Studio Version of 'Lords of Summer' on iTunes [ general music news ] 20/06/2014
Metallica's Kirk Hammett: 'Cliff Burton Was a Total Anomaly' [ general music news ] 20/06/2014
Cliff Burton's Pre-Metallica Band Trauma Releasing New Album [ upcoming releases ] 18/06/2014
Glastonbury Organizer Defends Metallica Booking: 'They'll Do the Best Set of Their Lives' [ general music news ] 17/06/2014
Metallica Almost 'Rode the Lightning' at Pinkpop [ general music news ] 12/06/2014
Metallica: '90 Percent of the New Record Is Actually Written' [ upcoming releases ] 09/06/2014
Jarvis Cocker Says Metallica's Glastonbury Set Could Be 'A Bit Abrasive' [ general music news ] 09/06/2014
Journalist Supports Metallica's Removal From Glastonbury: 'Fans Are Horrified of Hetfield' [ general music news ] 06/06/2014
Metallica Hoping to Fully Commit Themselves to New Album in August [ upcoming releases ] 05/06/2014
Lars Ulrich on Metallica's Glasto Set: 'We'll Open With 'Wonderwall'' [ upcoming tours ] 04/06/2014
Petition Demanding Metallica's Removal From Glastonbury Over Bear Hunt Support, Rounds Up 10,000 Supporters [ upcoming tours ] 04/06/2014
Mogwai Bash Metallica: 'They're Sh-te, Lars Is Terrible' [ general music news ] 03/06/2014
Metallica Talk 'By Request' Tour: 'People Just Voted for Same Stuff We Already Played' [ general music news ] 02/06/2014
Iron Maiden Is Better Than Metallica, Says Lars Ulrich [ general music news ] 02/06/2014
Rolling Stones, Metallica, AC/DC Among Top Tour Earners in Past 25 Years [ industry news ] 29/05/2014
Metallica's 'Black Album' Named Best-Selling Album of Past 23 Years, Sold Over 16 Million Copies [ general music news ] 29/05/2014
Judas Priest's Rob Halford: 'I Had a Diva Moment When I Heard About Metallica at Glastonbury' [ general music news ] 29/05/2014
Mick Jagger Predicts Metallica Are 'Going to Be Great' at Glastonbury [ general music news ] 28/05/2014
Metallica Offers Free Download of National Anthem Performance [ entertainment ] 27/05/2014
Santana: 'I'd Like to See Metallica, Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock Do a Tour Together' [ general music news ] 26/05/2014
Jethro Tull Frontman Interested in Metallica Collaboration: 'But Don't Expect Me to Come to America for It' [ general music news ] 23/05/2014
Johnny Marr on Metallica at Glastonbury: 'It Will Be Funny' [ general music news ] 23/05/2014
Metallica's Hetfield on New Album: 'It's Quality Over Quantity' [ general music news ] 22/05/2014
Arctic Monkeys Frontman: 'Metallica at Glastonbury Doesn't Add Up' [ general music news ] 21/05/2014
James Hetfield, Billie Joe Armstrong and Joe Satriani Play Green Day / Metallica Mash-Up [ general music news ] 21/05/2014
Metallica's James Hetfield Set to Narrate History Channel Series 'The Hunt' [ entertainment ] 20/05/2014
Metallica: 'We Probably Have Three or Four Albums Worth of Material' [ upcoming releases ] 16/05/2014
Metallica Delivers Acoustic Performance of Deep Purple, Beatles, Ozzy Classics, Footage Surfaces [ general music news ] 14/05/2014
Nick Cave, Tyler The Creator and Metallica's Kirk Hammett Share Covers of Victorian song [ general music news ] 13/05/2014
Sonisphere Laugh Off Glasto Metallica Swoop [ wtf? ] 12/05/2014
Name of New Metallica Producer Is 'Not Gonna Surprise Anybody,' Lars Ulrich Explains [ entertainment ] 12/05/2014
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