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Phil Anselmo Reuniting Superjoint Ritual for One-Off Housecore Horror Festival Show [ general music news ] 20/08/2014
Phil Anselmo's Isolated 'Walk' Vocal Track Surfaces [ general music news ] 06/08/2014
Phil Anselmo: ''Cowboys From Hell' Was a Misunderstood Album, Nobody Liked It' [ general music news ] 08/07/2014
Phil Anselmo: 'I Don't Regret Quitting High School, There Was Nothing More For Me to Learn' [ general music news ] 04/07/2014
Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown Join Forces at Download Festival for Pantera Classics [ general music news ] 17/06/2014
Phil Anselmo: 'I Hate Rock Stars, I Hate All That Untouchable 'Lay Off Me'' [ general music news ] 16/06/2014
Phil Anselmo: 'I Don't Own a Phone, Don't Do Facebook or Any of That Sh-t' [ general music news ] 05/06/2014
Phil Anselmo: 'This Generation Deserves Pantera Reunion, Let's Do It!' [ general music news ] 26/05/2014
Phil Anselmo: 'Doing a Full-Length Record Is Thing of the Past' [ general music news ] 20/05/2014
Phil Anselmo Interested in Working on Dimebag Darrell Tribute With Zakk Wylde [ general music news ] 16/05/2014
Phil Anselmo Releasing 'Mouth for War: Pantera and Beyond' Autobiography in January [ general music news ] 15/05/2014
Phil Anselmo Performs Pantera Classic With Black Label Society [ general music news ] 12/05/2014
Phil Anselmo: 'Anyone Who Puffs Up Their Chest Because They Wrote a Song That People Like Needs to Get Smacked' [ general music news ] 05/05/2014
Phil Anselmo Says He Prefers to 'Play the Smaller, Sweatier, Hideous, Atmospheric, Intimate Rooms' [ entertainment ] 30/04/2014
Phil Anselmo Talks '90s Metal: 'I Got Bored With Thousands of Thrash Bands Trying to Emulate Slayer' [ general music news ] 08/04/2014
Phil Anselmo Wants to Take Part in 'Cooking Hostile:' 'Genius, Dude's Hilarious!' [ entertainment ] 01/04/2014
Phil Anselmo Gives Tour of His House and Studio [ entertainment ] 07/02/2014
Phil Anselmo Talks Latest Album: 'I Wanted to Make an Ugly Record' [ entertainment ] 17/01/2014
Opeth, Phil Anselmo, Black Label Society and More Added to Download 2014 Lineup [ general music news ] 14/01/2014
Phil Anselmo Talks Playing Metal: 'This Isn't Rocket Science' [ general music news ] 13/01/2014
New Down Has 'Classic Sabbath Vibe,' Phil Anselmo Confirms [ general music news ] 13/12/2013
Phil Anselmo: 'Down Will Never Sell Many Records As Pantera, But Is It a Failure?' [ entertainment ] 22/11/2013
Phil Anselmo Bashes Modern Technology: 'Quit Playing With F--king Machines, Take a Look Around!' [ general music news ] 11/11/2013
Phil Anselmo: 'Would Death Metal Be a Genre Without Horror Movies?' [ entertainment ] 07/10/2013
Phil Anselmo on Leaving High School: 'I Was Doing Five Gigs a Week, I Did My Homework on Stage' [ general music news ] 27/09/2013
Phil Anselmo Gives a Tour of His Tattoos: 'They're Kinda Cheesy' [ entertainment ] 23/09/2013
Phil Anselmo: 'Music Media Is My Whore' [ general music news ] 04/09/2013
Phil Anselmo: 'I F--king Hate Rock Stars' [ wtf? ] 28/08/2013
Phil Anselmo Explains Why Dimebag Darrel Was the Greatest: 'He Had This Thing Called Soul' [ general music news ] 26/08/2013
Phil Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Fest Full Itinerary Announced [ entertainment ] 14/08/2013
Phil Anselmo Plays Pantera Classics at Heavy MTL Festival [ general music news ] 13/08/2013
Phil Anselmo Talks Down EPs: 'I Don't Like Fillers' [ general music news ] 12/08/2013
Phil Anselmo: 'I Miss the Pantera Days' [ general music news ] 07/08/2013
Phil Anselmo to Young Bands: 'Go Back and Do Your F--king Homework' [ general music news ] 29/07/2013
Phil Anselmo: 'Today's Society Isn't for Me, I'm Not a Hipster' [ general music news ] 29/07/2013
Phil Anselmo Has 'No Problem' With How He Was Portrayed in Rex Brown's Book [ entertainment ] 26/07/2013
Phil Anselmo to Perform Pantera Songs On Tour [ upcoming tours ] 23/07/2013
Phil Anselmo: 'Pantera Is a Very Complex Business Right Now' [ general music news ] 18/07/2013
Phil Anselmo Hints at a New Down Release Coming in Early 2014 [ upcoming releases ] 17/07/2013
'Cooking With Phil Anselmo' Video Appears Online [ entertainment ] 25/06/2013
Phil Anselmo: 'I Wanted to Do a Super-Extreme Record' [ upcoming releases ] 21/06/2013
Phil Anselmo Reveal New Solo Track [ upcoming releases ] 13/06/2013
Phil Anselmo's 'Walk Through Exits Only' Snippets Appear Online [ upcoming releases ] 07/06/2013
Phil Anselmo: 'I Wanted Control of My Life Again' [ general music news ] 05/06/2013
Phil Anselmo Streams 'Walk Through Exits Only' Title Track [ upcoming releases ] 30/05/2013
Phil Anselmo Announces US Tour Dates [ upcoming tours ] 22/05/2013
New Music Playlist: Phil Anselmo, TesseracT, a CSA Astronaut and More [ entertainment ] 17/05/2013
Phil Anselmo Calls Chris Cornell 'The Best Modern-Day Rock Vocalist' [ general music news ] 14/05/2013
Phil Anselmo Reveals First Solo Track [ upcoming releases ] 13/05/2013
Phil Anselmo: 'What I Would Say to Vinnie Paul' [ general music news ] 02/05/2013
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