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Anthrax Bassist Remembers Last Moment With Cliff Burton: 'Maybe I'll See You Tomorrow' [ general music news ] 06/08/2014
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Criticised for Removing Ashes of DJ Who Invented the Term 'Rock'n'Roll' [ general music news ] 05/08/2014
Vivan Campbell Reveals His Cancer in Remission Again [ general music news ] 01/08/2014
New Documentary Remembers Metallica's First Headlining Show [ general music news ] 30/07/2014
Two More Led Zeppelin Albums to Be Remastered and Reissued [ general music news ] 30/07/2014
Billy Bragg on Kasabian: 'They Are There to Remind us How True 'Spinal Tap' Was' [ general music news ] 10/06/2014
Henry Rollins Remembers Pre-Music Career Struggles: 'When You Have Little, You Have Little to Worry About' [ general music news ] 09/06/2014
Testament Frontman Remembers Ending Up in Hospital With Slayer Singer, Screaming 'Satan Rules Your Holes!' [ general music news ] 06/06/2014
Journalist Supports Metallica's Removal From Glastonbury: 'Fans Are Horrified of Hetfield' [ general music news ] 06/06/2014
Robert Plant Slams Jimmy Page Over Led Zeppelin Reunion Remarks [ general music news ] 05/06/2014
Petition Demanding Metallica's Removal From Glastonbury Over Bear Hunt Support, Rounds Up 10,000 Supporters [ upcoming tours ] 04/06/2014
Avenged Sevenfold: 'We Have a Lot of Faith in Asking Alexandria, They Remind Us of Ourselves' [ general music news ] 20/05/2014
Dave Grohl Remembers First-Ever 'Superunknown' Listen: 'Holy S--t, This Will Be Enormously Huge' [ general music news ] 30/04/2014
Joe Satriani Remembers Giving Guitar Lessons to Kirk Hammett: 'He Was Already Shredding' [ general music news ] 28/04/2014
Listen to Dan Auerbach's Remix of Lana Del Rey's 'West Coast' [ general music news ] 22/04/2014
Giorgio Moroder Revals His Remix for Coldplay's 'Midnight' [ general music news ] 22/04/2014
Brian May Remembers Freddie Mercury's Final Days: 'He Was Completely Focused' [ entertainment ] 11/04/2014
Judas Priest, Pantera, Alice in Chains Members Remember Kurt Cobain on 20th Anniversary of His Suicide [ general music news ] 07/04/2014
REM Singer Michael Stipe to Induct Nirvana Into Rock Hall [ general music news ] 02/04/2014
Pantera Remembers 'Far Beyond Driven:' 'Record Company Wanted Another 'Black Album'' [ general music news ] 28/03/2014
Lars Ulrich Remembers First Metallica Show: '90 Percent of People Were Mustaine's Friends' [ general music news ] 19/03/2014
Eddie Van Halen on KISS Audition: 'If It Happened, I Would Have Remembered It' [ general music news ] 18/03/2014
Myles Kennedy Remembers Rehearsing With Led Zeppelin: 'They Just Wanted to Jam' [ general music news ] 21/02/2014
Justin Bieber's Wax Statue Melting Due to Excessive Groping, Removed From Madame Tussauds [ entertainment ] 13/02/2014
Vinnie Paul Remembers Pantera Breakup: 'We Could Have Been the Rolling Stones of Metal' [ general music news ] 07/02/2014
Slipknot's DJ Starscream Unveils Lorde's 'Royals' Remix [ general music news ] 29/01/2014
Jethro Tull Frontman Remembers Beating Metallica at Grammys: 'People Got Their Knickers in a Serious Twist' [ general music news ] 25/01/2014
Vital Remains Singer Crowdfunding Satanic Monument at Oklahoma State Capitol [ general music news ] 16/01/2014
Slayer's Araya Remembers Touring Europe in a Rental Car: 'Those Were Memorable Times' [ general music news ] 15/01/2014
Andreas Kisser Remembers Nearly Joining Metallica: 'It Was Like a Dream/Nightmare' [ general music news ] 12/12/2013
Dimebag Darrell Remembered By Fans and Musicians on His Ninth Death Anniversary [ entertainment ] 09/12/2013
Lostprophets Albums Removed From Sale by HMV [ industry news ] 29/11/2013
Tom Morello to All That Remains Frontman: 'You Mistake Me for Obama Supporter' [ general music news ] 28/11/2013
All That Remains Frontman Rips Tom Morello: 'He's Not Not Raging Against Machine, Hes Jumping Into Machine's Pocket' [ entertainment ] 25/11/2013
Vivian Campbell Is in Remission From Cancer [ entertainment ] 07/11/2013
Tom Araya: 'I Have to Remind Myself That Jeff's Not Alive Anymore' [ general music news ] 05/11/2013
Dream Theater Frontman: 'Mike Mangini Will Remain Our Drummer Until the Day We're Finished' [ general music news ] 02/10/2013
John Petrucci Remembers Early DT Days: 'We Were Criticized for Overplaying' [ entertainment ] 25/09/2013
Dave Grohl Remembers Final Conversation With Kurt Cobain [ entertainment ] 25/09/2013
Foo Fighters Guitarist Pat Smear Reminisces About His Time With Nirvana [ general music news ] 04/09/2013
Rolling Stones Back Catalogue Remastered for iTunes [ upcoming releases ] 20/06/2013
Megadeth's 'Forget to Remember' is Available for Streaming [ upcoming releases ] 04/06/2013
Debate: Is it Wrong to Remix Albums? [ entertainment ] 29/04/2013
Rush to Release Remastered Digital Collections [ upcoming releases ] 25/04/2013
Geoff Tate on Album Remix: 'It Was Lacking' [ upcoming releases ] 16/04/2013
Geoff Tate's Queensryche Remix Cancelled [ general music news ] 02/04/2013
Fender Custom Shop Short Film Showcases Remarkable Craftsmanship Behind 2013 Winter NAMM Products [ namm news ] 24/01/2013
Mike Portnoy Loves Dream Theater Remix [ general music news ] 21/01/2013
Lostprophets' Ian Watkins Remanded In Custody Until March Over Alleged Child Sex Offences [ wtf? ] 03/01/2013
Led Zeppelin Catalogue Remastered For iTunes Now Available [ general music news ] 21/12/2012
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