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Slayer Returns To Studio To Record New Album [ general music news ] 27/08/2014
Lombardo Recalls the Last Conversation He Had With Slayer Members [ general music news ] 27/08/2014
Dave Lombardo Says Slayer Is Missing 'Certain Magic' Without Him, Compares Himself to John Bonham [ general music news ] 13/08/2014
Kerry King: 'I'm Very Proud of the New Slayer Material' [ general music news ] 08/08/2014
Babymetal: 'Slayer and Metallica Are Very Different Live From Who They Are Backstage' [ general music news ] 07/08/2014
Metallica: 'We Never Wanted to Get Stuck Like Exodus and Slayer, Limiting Yourself to Please Audience Is Bulls--t' [ general music news ] 04/08/2014
Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies and Exodus Announce 2014 Fall US Tour [ upcoming tours ] 26/06/2014
Testament Frontman Remembers Ending Up in Hospital With Slayer Singer, Screaming 'Satan Rules Your Holes!' [ general music news ] 06/06/2014
Watch Slayer's 'Raining Blood' Played on Banjo [ entertainment ] 27/05/2014
Slayer's 'War Ensemble' Gets Shredding Ukulele Cover [ entertainment ] 14/05/2014
Slayer Split From Rick Rubin [ general music news ] 25/04/2014
Slayer Release 'Implode' [ general music news ] 24/04/2014
Mastodon: 'Slayer Songs Can Give the Same Feeling You Get From a Mozart Piece' [ general music news ] 18/04/2014
Phil Anselmo Talks '90s Metal: 'I Got Bored With Thousands of Thrash Bands Trying to Emulate Slayer' [ general music news ] 08/04/2014
New Slayer Album Finished 'Song-Wise,' Gary Holt Explains [ upcoming releases ] 03/04/2014
Dave Lombardo Doesn't Think He Will Ever Play With Slayer Again [ general music news ] 01/04/2014
Slayer Only Paid Dave Lombardo $745 Per Show [ general music news ] 14/03/2014
Dave Lombardo on Slayer: 'They Weren't My Friends, Just Business Partners' [ general music news ] 11/03/2014
Metallica, Slayer, Lamb of God Headlining Heavy Montreal 2014 [ general music news ] 05/03/2014
Dave Lombardo 'Sickened, Shocked' By Former Bandmates: 'If It Wasn't for Me, Slayer Wouldn't Exist' [ general music news ] 17/02/2014
Former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo: 'There Are No Friends When It Comes to Money' [ general music news ] 04/02/2014
Slayer, Exodus, Suicidal Tendencies Tour Might Be Reality Soon [ upcoming tours ] 17/01/2014
GN'R, A7X, Slayer, Mastodon Announced Among Rock on the Range Performers [ general music news ] 17/01/2014
Slayer's Araya Remembers Touring Europe in a Rental Car: 'Those Were Memorable Times' [ general music news ] 15/01/2014
Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Machine Head Members Joining Forces for 'Robb Flynn and Friends' Benefit Show [ general music news ] 09/01/2014
Slayer's Kerry King: 'People Expect Us to Fail' [ upcoming releases ] 09/01/2014
Alice in Chains, Mastodon and Slayer Added to Sonisphere Bill [ upcoming tours ] 07/01/2014
Open Letter Demands Purple, Maiden, Slayer, Dio and More to Be Inducted Into RN'R Hall of Fame [ entertainment ] 19/12/2013
New Exodus Material Not Influenced by Slayer, Gary Holt Reveals [ entertainment ] 19/12/2013
Slayer End 30-Year Relationship With Rick Rubin, Currently Without Label [ general music news ] 13/12/2013
Hellfest 2014 Lineup Unveiled: Maiden, Sabbath, Slayer, A7X Among Headliners [ entertainment ] 04/12/2013
Slayer Ticket Sales Reportedly Flop, Organizers Giving Away 'F--ktons of Free Tickets' [ general music news ] 28/11/2013
Kerry King Talks New Slayer Album: 'I Took It Upon Myself to Finish Tons of Good Stuff' [ entertainment ] 26/11/2013
Kerry King: 'I Would Leave Slayer Today if Tom Said He Was Done' [ general music news ] 20/11/2013
Kerry King Planing January Studio Entrance for Slayer [ general music news ] 18/11/2013
Tom Araya: 'Slayer Music Will Live Forever' [ general music news ] 12/11/2013
Kerry King on Slayer: 'It's Business as Usual, but With One Member Less, Which Sucks for Everybody' [ general music news ] 08/11/2013
Kerry King: 'Fans Aren't Ready for Gary Holt to Contribute Music to Slayer' [ general music news ] 01/11/2013
Kerry King Talks Slayer Moving On: 'This Is My Job, I Have to Earn Money for Myself, My Bandmates and My Crew' [ entertainment ] 29/10/2013
Slayer: 'Do We Honor What the band Is by Packing It in and Quitting?' [ general music news ] 28/10/2013
Tom Araya: 'New Slayer Album Has to Be Extraordinary' [ general music news ] 25/10/2013
Tom Araya Doubtful About Playing in Slayer: 'Why Am I Doing This Now?' [ general music news ] 23/10/2013
Gary Holt 'Probably' to Record Solos on New Slayer Album [ general music news ] 21/10/2013
Kerry King in Charge of New Slayer Album, Tom Araya Reveals [ upcoming releases ] 18/10/2013
Chris Jericho: 'Even Bad Slayer Is Still Good, It's Like Pizza or Sex' [ general music news ] 13/10/2013
Slayer to Unveil Jeff Hanneman's Unheard Material on New Album [ upcoming releases ] 08/10/2013
Slayer Confirm Working on New Album [ general music news ] 26/09/2013
Slayer Announce North American Tour, Looking to Spend More Time in Studio [ upcoming tours ] 04/09/2013
Slayer and Gojira Joint Tour Dates Announced [ upcoming tours ] 06/08/2013
Mastodon, Slayer and Ghost Bikinis Announced [ entertainment ] 12/07/2013
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