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Kurt Cobain Biopic Production to Start Within a Year, Courtney Love Says [ general music news ] 24/07/2014
Courtney Love: 'Kurt Cobain Was Desperate to Be the Biggest Rock Star in the World' [ general music news ] 01/07/2014
Krist Novoselic: 'If Kurt Cobain Had a Clear Mind, He Wouldn't Have Killed Himself' [ general music news ] 23/06/2014
Courtney Love's Dad Still Insisting His Daughter Was Involved in Kurt Cobain's Death [ general music news ] 06/05/2014
Kurt Cobain's 'B-tch With Zits' Note Actually Written by Courtney Love [ general music news ] 02/05/2014
New Kurt Cobain's Death Scene Note Surfaces, Accuses Courtney Love of 'Doping and Whoring' [ general music news ] 30/04/2014
Kurt Cobain's Death Wasn't a Suicide and Courtney Love Was Involved, New Documentary Claims [ general music news ] 09/04/2014
Kurt Cobain 'Wanted to Record an Album of Old Blues Covers' Prior to His Death [ general music news ] 08/04/2014
Judas Priest, Pantera, Alice in Chains Members Remember Kurt Cobain on 20th Anniversary of His Suicide [ general music news ] 07/04/2014
Kurt Cobain's Final Photo Session Surfaces [ general music news ] 01/04/2014
'John Lennon,' 'Kurt Cobain' Appear in New Beer Commercial [ entertainment ] 26/03/2014
Seattle Police Examine New, Clearer Photos of Kurt Cobainís Death [ general music news ] 21/03/2014
Campaign to Turn Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home Into Museum Failing Really Bad [ entertainment ] 20/03/2014
Kurt Cobain Was the Last Rock Star, Frontman's Biographer Explains [ general music news ] 18/03/2014
Kurt Cobain's Old Roommate Sells Nirvana Frontman's Belongings on Craigslist [ wtf? ] 04/03/2014
Weird Crying Kurt Cobain Statue Unveiled in Frontman's Hometown [ general music news ] 24/02/2014
Kurt Cobain Statue to Be Unveiled in His Hometown [ general music news ] 18/02/2014
February 20 Officially to Be Declared Kurt Cobain Day [ general music news ] 24/01/2014
Kurt Cobain Almost Banned Dave Grohl From Performing Nirvana's 'Unplugged' Show [ general music news ] 25/11/2013
Melvins Frontman Bashes Kurt Cobain: 'He's a Major Loser' [ general music news ] 20/11/2013
Pixies Claim Kurt Cobain Ripped Them Off and Confessed It [ general music news ] 15/11/2013
Courtney Love: 'I Get Hit on by Guys Because They Want to Be Cast in That Kurt Cobain Biopic' [ entertainment ] 06/11/2013
Rare Kurt Cobain Interview Surfaces: 'I Thought I Was Gay, I Thought That Might Be the Solution' [ general music news ] 25/10/2013
Courtney Love Releasing Autobiography in December, Talks Relationships With Trent Reznor and Kurt Cobain [ entertainment ] 22/10/2013
Gene Simmons to Kurt Cobain: 'What, Just 'Cause You Died You're an Icon?' [ general music news ] 03/10/2013
Chris Cornell on Kurt Cobain's Suicide: 'We All Had That Crisis of Mind' [ general music news ] 27/09/2013
Dave Grohl Remembers Final Conversation With Kurt Cobain [ entertainment ] 25/09/2013
Pat Smear Thinks Nirvana Should Perform Without Kurt Cobain: 'Why the F--k Not?' [ general music news ] 09/09/2013
Courtney Love Looking to Play Herself in Kurt Cobain Biopic [ entertainment ] 31/07/2013
Kurt Cobain Used To Make Fun Of Pearl Jam Bassist For Playing Basketball [ wtf? ] 07/02/2013
Kurt Cobain Movie Due In 2014 [ general music news ] 17/11/2012
Kurt Cobain Movie In Development [ general music news ] 26/10/2012
Jay-Z: Kurt Cobain Blocked Hip-Hop [ wtf? ] 09/10/2012
Courtney Love Loses Rights To Kurt Cobain Image [ general music news ] 03/05/2012
Butch Vig: Kurt Cobain Solo Recordings Don't Exist [ general music news ] 27/04/2012
Kurt Cobain Recorded 'White Album' [ general music news ] 16/04/2012
Hole's Eric Erlandson To Publish Book On Kurt Cobain [ general music news ] 28/02/2012
Kurt Cobain Graphic Novel Available For iPad [ general music news ] 18/10/2011
Courtney Love: 'Kurt Cobain Tried To Kill Himself Three Times' [ general music news ] 06/10/2011
Butch Vig: 'Kurt Cobain Was A Pain' [ general music news ] 24/08/2011
Kurt Cobain Bridge Proposal Rejected [ general music news ] 29/07/2011
Kurt Cobain May Be Honored With Bridge Dedication In His Hometown [ general music news ] 15/07/2011
Fred Durst Connects With Kurt Cobain [ general music news ] 15/06/2011
Courtney Love Blames Journalist For Kurt Cobain's Death [ general music news ] 01/06/2011
R.E.M. Singer Tried Saving Kurt Cobain [ general music news ] 10/05/2011
Jared Leto As Kurt Cobain Is A Tribute, Not A Film Audition [ general music news ] 20/04/2011
Kurt Cobain Guitar Statue Unveiled [ general music news ] 06/04/2011
Unreleased Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love Song Uncovered [ general music news ] 21/03/2011
Courtney 'Would Have Smoked Kurt Cobain's Ashes' [ general music news ] 16/03/2011
Kurt Cobain Documentary 'About A Son' Airs This Weekend [ general music news ] 18/02/2011
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