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The Who's Pete Townshend Writes Song for US TV Show 'The Americans' [ entertainment ] 07/04/2014
Dan Reynolds: 'People Are Still Saying 'Who Are Imagine Dragons?'' [ entertainment ] 26/02/2014
Joey Belladonna: 'I've Never Really Found My Place With Anthrax ... It Could Be a Whole Lot Better' [ general music news ] 24/02/2014
The Who Tell 'Tommy' Tale [ entertainment ] 19/02/2014
Roger Daltrey: 'The Who May Make a New Album This Year' [ general music news ] 31/01/2014
Henry Rollins: 'It's Hard to Think of a Single Contemporary Musician Who's Considered a 'Guitar Hero'' [ general music news ] 17/01/2014
Kerry King: 'Who Doesn't Like Elton John? [ entertainment ] 13/12/2013
Alice in Chains Worried About Future of Rock: 'Who's Gonna Fill the Void?' [ general music news ] 29/11/2013
Garbage's Shirley Manson Praises Courtney Love: 'Where Are the New Girls Who Want to Upturn Tables?' [ general music news ] 08/11/2013
Korn's Head: 'A Lover of God, That's Who I Am Inside' [ entertainment ] 05/11/2013
Roger Daltrey Clarifies the Who Retirement Comments [ general music news ] 30/10/2013
GWAR's Oderus Urungus: 'F--k People Who Think Miley Cyrus Sucks!' [ entertainment ] 29/10/2013
The Who Announce Retirement Plans [ general music news ] 25/10/2013
Steel Panther: 'Who Gives a F--k About Katy Perry?' [ wtf? ] 23/10/2013
Machine Head Frontman Rips Avenged Sevenfold: 'Who Knew That Re-Recording Metallica Could Be a Worldwide Hit?!' [ general music news ] 10/09/2013
Ex-Misfits Guitarist: 'I Wish Lars Ulrich Would Sue the Whole Internet and Fix Piracy' [ wtf? ] 09/09/2013
Joey Jordison: 'Vocalists Who Sound Fresh and Exciting Are Hard to Find' [ general music news ] 04/09/2013
Phil Anselmo: 'Music Media Is My Whore' [ general music news ] 04/09/2013
John Frusciante on Leaving RHCP: 'It Was Never an Expression of Who I Was' [ general music news ] 21/08/2013
One Direction Fans Bash the Who: 'You're Called That for a Reason' [ wtf? ] 16/08/2013
Walking Papers Reveal 'The Whole World's Watching' Lyric Video [ upcoming releases ] 14/06/2013
Dave Mustaine on 'Super Collider:' 'It's in Line With Who I Am as a Person' [ general music news ] 14/06/2013
The Who Frontman Praises Muse: 'They're Doing Exactly What We Did' [ general music news ] 12/06/2013
Supergroups: Who Made It and Who Faded [ entertainment ] 31/05/2013
Dave Mustaine on Music Industry: 'It's Been Infiltrated by Businessmen Who Don't Know Anything About Music' [ general music news ] 28/05/2013
Geoff Tate Talks Queensryche Split: 'It's About Who Has the Money to Buy the Band' [ general music news ] 27/05/2013
Alice in Chains: 'There Are People Who Are Senators That Want to Teach Creationism' [ upcoming releases ] 16/05/2013
Fake Facebook Fans Now Causing Problems for Artists Who Didn't Buy Them [ industry news ] 07/05/2013
Thom Yorke: 'Who the F--k is Bruno Mars?' [ general music news ] 24/04/2013
Dave Grohl: 'This Movie is for People in a Band Who've Never Walked Into Recording Studio' [ entertainment ] 03/04/2013
Scott Ian: 'Call Me When King Diamond Is Elected Pope, Until Then, Who Gives A F--k' [ wtf? ] 14/03/2013
Navy Seal Who Killed Bin Laden Talks About Using Metallica During Prisoner Torture [ general music news ] 12/02/2013
The Who's Pete Townshend: 'Lady Gaga Is Like A Space Oddity' [ wtf? ] 31/01/2013
The Who Announce UK, Europe Arena Tour [ upcoming tours ] 30/01/2013
Geoff Tate: My Former Queensryche Bandmates Are 'Cowards Who Wouldn't Stand Up For Themselves' [ interviews ] 04/01/2013
Bruce Springsteen, The Who + Rolling Stones Featured On Sandy Relief Live Album [ general music news ] 20/12/2012
Man Who Killed Teen For Playing Loud Music Claims 'Self Defense' [ general music news ] 30/11/2012
Paul McCartney Recalls 'Jobsworth' Who Pulled Plug On Him And Bruce Springsteen [ general music news ] 29/11/2012
The Who's Former Manager Chris Stamp Dies Aged 70 [ general music news ] 26/11/2012
Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney And The Who On 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert Lineup [ general music news ] 17/11/2012
Top 10 Acts Who Should Make A Comeback [ entertainment ] 17/11/2012
Who's Townshend Walks Off Stage Because It's 'Too Loud' [ general music news ] 06/11/2012
Muse's Matt Bellamy: 'Am I The Only One Who Recognises We're A Small Planet In A Gigantic Universe' [ general music news ] 02/11/2012
Neil Young Asks 'Who Is Bono?' [ wtf? ] 25/10/2012
Alternate Tunings: Who Uses What? [ entertainment ] 17/09/2012
The Who Get All-Star Tribute Album [ upcoming releases ] 15/09/2012
Bob Dylan: 'People Who Complain About Me Plagiarizing Them Are Pussies' [ wtf? ] 13/09/2012
Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi: 'Whocares' First-Week Sales Revealed [ general music news ] 06/09/2012
Green Day Star Admits The Voice Contestants Don't Know Who He Is [ general music news ] 28/08/2012
Paul McCartney Slams 'Idiot' Who Denied David Beckham A Spot On Olympic Soccer Team [ wtf? ] 26/07/2012
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