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March 7 2014, 04:48 pm by DarciGuitarDiva |
The chords are perfect! Although I was confused at the prechorus "then you look at this prisoner and say to me son..." because you didn't have certain chords over certain words. But I got it and other than that it's perfect!
December 18 2014, 05:54 pm by ricoa66 |
hey Darci, C should be added to the "..son", then repeat Em(instead of G on the next verse), D and C again.
February 25 2015, 04:05 am by bergerhoward55 |
You know why I struggle with this song,because I can never get through the first part with out being over taken by the HOLY SPIRIT.And when I say that I mean first comes the goose bumps then comes a mighty rushing wind bringing every thing that GOD ever promised to me when I was down and brother I mean down and begging please,lifting me up just like he said he would and now I HOLD A THOUSAND VICTORIES.He is truly an awesome GOD.OH BY THE WAY U DID A BEAUTIFUL JOB ON THIS SONG!GODBLESS YOU!
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