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August 29 2003, 12:00 am by insomniacdude90 |
great tab
+16   July 30 2004, 12:00 am by robbo144 |
no capo on 1st capo at all
+5   October 13 2005, 11:41 am by jcoates32 |
good, but doesnt need 2 b in capital letters
+1   March 21 2006, 10:05 pm by acousticbreak |
there's no capo.

kudos on the chords actually lining up where they're supposed to with the lyrics.
May 3 2006, 12:14 pm by moltenice |
+2   January 10 2007, 03:04 pm by bamaguy85 |
pretty fast chord changes
+2   April 4 2007, 12:25 am by Aros |
Good job, but I agree with robbo and moltenice there's no capo needed for this song.
+1   April 26 2007, 10:21 pm by Swamy456 |
The tab is good. The exact strumming is difficult if you want that go on you tube and theres a tutorial. About fast chord changes note that the chords are in line with the lyrics but you should listen to the song and change the chords when they sound right to you. Remember, singing helps your rhythm.
+1   May 23 2007, 11:00 am by Random88 |
Sounds about right to me. Anyone else noticed that the basic rhythm / chord progression is almost exactly the same as self-esteem by the offspring?
-1   May 23 2007, 09:02 pm by lethalkungfu |
the capo is a personal choice really. a capo on first can sound really good if theres some improv fingerpicking.
+1   August 31 2007, 09:38 am by xanderzone11 |
what is the rythm of this song ? how and how many strokes do i have to do on my guitar?
+4   September 6 2007, 10:02 am by Jimbob Hendrix |
your grammar is terrible
+1   September 30 2007, 04:46 pm by fujitsu921 |
no capo but otherwise dead on
+2   November 8 2007, 02:53 pm by dorko13 |
e ---|---|---|---|---|
B -x-|---|---|---|---|
G ---|-x-|---|---|---|
D ---|---|-x-|---|---|
E ---|---|---|---|---|
if you finger the F chord this way
its sounds just as good but it's
hell of alot easier
+1   November 26 2007, 02:57 pm by OliverWashburn |
Great apart from as others have stated there is no capo. It makes it sound worse.
-1   February 8 2008, 03:06 pm by James Jessen |
I agree on not using a capo.
Strumming Pattern for the rhythmically challenged(I am too lol):

Am 3 down strokes
F Down Up Down Up Down
C 3 down strokes
G Down Up Down Up Down

This is what I do and it sounds just like the song.
Glad I found this tab. I love this song and didn't realize how easy it was to play. Thanks!
February 8 2008, 03:07 pm by James Jessen |
Am 3 down strokes
F Up Down Up Down Down
C 3 Down Strokes
G Up Down Up Down Down

March 12 2008, 04:15 pm by indierock+roll! |
even tho it has been pointed out plenty of capo...otherwise spot on....wats with the capitals?
+2   April 9 2008, 10:55 am by BoyGoneBad |
Can't believe you guys!
He tabs out the whole song for you, with the chords changes correctly aligned to the lyrics, and you complain about grammar and capitals letters!
Is it jeaousy?
Indierock take a look at your own post- no capitals, no commas, incorrect spelling-jeeeez, what an arse!
April 13 2008, 11:37 am by Secret7 |
I think the whole song sounds like Snow ((Hey oh)) by Red Hot Chili Pepper
Great tab though :D
May 19 2008, 07:49 am by Hexodrome |
definitly played 1/2 a step down. i noticed that by complete accident
July 21 2008, 04:47 pm by randle12 |
right chords but n capo
July 30 2008, 09:12 pm by bobbyschultz |
Yeah play the f like dorko said. i usually bar the first string with my index finger on the first fret. but for this song, either works.
August 26 2008, 02:39 am by bazza391 |
yeah i argee with just about everyone here, right chords but no capo
November 15 2008, 03:40 am by Se7enStrings |
looks all good other than capo & maybe the tuning (didn't know that), but I'm pretty sure you also hammer-on the 4th string for the Am and the 5th string for the G on the opening strums for those chords. there's also muting in there
January 15 2009, 11:48 am by Garfw |
i just cant get the strumming :P
February 15 2009, 03:25 pm by Ibanez_K7-rockz |
i think you don't need a capo on the 1st. i played in synchro with the song on yotube and it sounds great without
March 28 2009, 02:53 pm by kempnerboy07 |
"There's no capo" x 20+.
We're all literate...
We get it.
May 1 2009, 02:59 pm by gmoney21 |
strummin patter is:

Am - down down down down+up
F - down+up down down down+up
C - down+up down down down+up
G - down+up down down down+up
May 23 2009, 06:16 am by repthielen |
:P.... i say what everyone already told you :P...... no capo and skip the CAPS LOCK :D
November 30 2009, 11:26 am by zoxic15 |
what chord i can use instead of F...because it is hard for a bigginer
December 26 2009, 09:03 am by wednesday13dk |
Good tab. But no capo, sounds right without a capo.
July 24 2010, 01:54 am by Leviticus501 |
Great tab, played right off! thx!
November 9 2010, 05:10 pm by ameo |
yup good one indeed, as im a guitar newb, i was still able to play the F, not using the e, a, E.. good help, ty :)
January 23 2011, 09:44 am by Bravodoggie |
I can't believe people feel that they have to keep stating that there is no capo or why is it in capital letters. How about thanks for the putting out a damn near perfect tab. Thanks (whoever made this tab) and to everyone else who said no capo, shhhhhh we know.
+1   February 7 2011, 03:11 am by joeyjokester |
the chords are not 100% accurate.

The chords Go D7 (x00210) for 1 strum then hammer on to the Am chord (x02210), then play F, but the F he uses is (x3321x), then play a cadd2 (x30010) for 1 strum, the continue onwards with the c chord, and then go into a G6 (3x0030).

the strumming pattern is: (D7) down (Am) down down down up
(F) down up down down down up (cadd2) down (C) up down down down up (G6) down up down down down up
April 8 2013, 07:28 am by KateBloomer |
Great tab! Looking forward to having a go at this.
Can we all show a little appreciation for the effort that has gone
into making this tab? Instead of stating what has already been said 20+
times and having a go at someone's grammar why not say thank you??
For all you know this guy could have English as a second language or be
dyslexic! Pipe down and play the bloody song! :-)
+1   January 20 2014, 01:38 pm by Cormacsmall |
*to be
if you're going to pointlessly correct someone, at least be correct yourself...
November 28 2014, 02:06 pm by dkrockeroftenni |
Spelling is rubbish sir. But good tab
December 5 2014, 05:39 am by Mockingjay2012 |
This tab is awesome and the chords are spot on! This can be played with the capo on 1st (which is how I play it). It really depends on your vocal tone and pitch. Play either way. Don't listen to the people who put you down because trust me, that gets them no-where.
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