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April 10 2008, 09:00 pm by sk8n8n |
May 14 2010, 04:30 am by Kracker_AA |
my opinion is that ''Chasin' that neon rainbow, Livin' that honky tonk dream'' has to many chords changes. It seems like its right at the last chorus but not the begining...
April 1 2013, 10:21 pm by BRADIFUSMAXIMUS |
The chords in the chorus aren't G Bm Em, it's G D/F# Em

The last verse is a key change, up to A Major

After the second chorus, the chord is E

[A] [D]
Daddy's got a radio, he won it thirty years ago
[E] [D] [E]
He said "Son I just know we're gonna hear you singin' on it someday"
[A] [D]
I made it up to Music Row, but lordy don't the wheels turn slow
[E] [D] [A]
Still I wouldn't trade a minute, and I wouldn't have it any other way
Just show me to the stage
April 1 2013, 10:31 pm by BRADIFUSMAXIMUS |
[A] [D] [A]
Chasin' that neon rainbow, livin' that honky tonk dream
[A] [E/F#] [F#m] [B] [E]
All I've ever wanted, was to pick this guitar and sing
[D] [A] [D] [B]
Just tryin' to be somebody, just wanna be heard and seen
[D] [E] [A] [D] [B] [E] [A]
Chasin' that neon rainbow, Livin' that honky tonk dream

[D] [E] [A] [D] [B7] [E] [A]
Chasin' that neon rainbow, Livin' that honky tonk dream
April 1 2013, 10:38 pm by BRADIFUSMAXIMUS |
actually all the A's in the first section are A7's and all the B's in the second are B7s
April 28 2013, 10:20 pm by fenderpretender |
great tab! sounds good in the key of A too!
October 2 2015, 04:29 pm by FL_Bob2002 |
thanks for the chords I changed it to A to sing in, but the chords sounded right.
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