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April 5 2002, 12:00 am by Punklake |
absolutely crap. no way.
September 8 2004, 12:00 am by Johnny_H |
Not too bad but is definately not correct.
September 4 2007, 02:25 pm by mag-666 |
that was awful
January 25 2009, 09:10 am by tm1776 |
sorry. not close.
-2   February 16 2009, 12:55 pm by g-ta |
omg, all of you up there, its perfect! gosh ... whats wrong with you!
great tab man, much love!
-1   April 10 2010, 05:11 am by LyricalScave |
It was perfect. Don't mind the people not having tuned their guitar to 440Hz.

Crap bitches.
+2   February 25 2011, 08:26 pm by Leo247 |
C'mon, It was good, not perfect, but really good and playable.. thanx mate.
October 14 2011, 05:05 pm by elad189 |
Absolutely correct
-1   July 31 2013, 02:20 pm by TastyLicks425 |
its missing all the transition notes
+1   November 4 2013, 01:08 pm by vojife1 |
Well, not everything seemed right, ut al least it gives us somewhere to work from! You are very ungrateful, even though it's not perfect, he/she obviously put work into it. I like it, now I at least know the chords more or less. :)
November 30 2013, 04:24 pm by ?am?am?am |
Not sure why everyone is so mad, it's pretty much spot on. I've never been one to obsess over strumming patterns. Except in very rare occasions, I don't personally feel the strumming pattern makes a load of difference in the outcome of the sound to the casual listener (please bear in mind I am not stating that any strumming pattern would fit with any other preexisting song, I'm talking about the lack of difference in DDUD and DUDD, etc) Your version is great as is, but personally, I like to leave the D, B and e strings open on the Bm chords to give it that "airy" sound.
March 8 2014, 05:28 pm by rchrdwds |
It's not F sharp minor its D major 9th with an F sharp bass note. i.e. 2nd fret 2nd 3rd and 6th strings. open 1st 4th. Damped 5th string.
August 27 2014, 07:35 am by tinker67 |
first one is correct second one is terribly cep
March 11 2015, 07:27 pm by rhianmj |
Lack of accuracy. The f#m is wrong, the D should be a Dsus I think, and there's an Asus in there somewhere, the B minor sounds alright but I think it's like a B minor 7th or something but I'm not sure on that.
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