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+1   October 13 2004, 12:00 am by joe420nuts |
good job dude...
July 2 2005, 12:00 am by Raymund |
not bad..ok rin..Eto un corect na chords nya try nyo G=320033 C=x32033 pero gud work ha!!!keep it up
October 31 2005, 06:03 pm by Kevin B Janaban |
medyo...aus!! kso nga.. ung C mo.. dapat
February 15 2006, 07:38 am by pinoyandproud |
its better kng C9 ung ginamit mo
February 18 2006, 01:51 am by angkell |
share ko lng gamit kong chords sa verse
G-C9 C-F
pakinggan nio n lng pra mukha nio strumming
March 17 2006, 08:41 am by champ_Hale_tayo |
ei pwde po pakipost dito kung pano strum dun sa chorus ng song... tnx
March 25 2006, 04:57 am by angkell |
down down up up down
March 26 2007, 08:01 pm by chkby4 |
Hindi C9 tawag dyan, It's Cadd9. They are two totally different chords. C9 has a Dominant 7th.

Back to the song ... Astig yun tab. C works for me, so does Cadd9. Whatever floats your boat!
May 27 2009, 07:57 am by luis_boot |
i might be wrong but i think he intro sounds better if its: G-C9-G-C9
everything else is okay
November 22 2010, 02:55 am by InF3rNaLCAG3 |
pde nmn cguro ung C/B ay G/B(x2003x or x20030...maalin) anu?!
November 28 2010, 11:10 pm by InF3rNaLCAG3 |
kua ung 032000 ay indi C/B Cmaj7 po un...
July 9 2011, 04:19 am by romeolovejuliet |
Pa'no po strum?
Help naman po o.
Beginner e.
March 12 2014, 07:46 am by Kurt1337 |
strum pattern is down down down up down up down up down up up it is the correct strumming you just need to get the tone (right speed right time)
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