by Mary Chapin Carpenter tabs | tabbed by Unregistered
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May 15 2008, 11:30 pm by odysseus160 |
Sure, fine tab but why did use a capo at all? Why not simply play it in A with A, D, F#m, etc fingering?
February 13 2012, 04:18 pm by cheese57 |
great tab, really acurate, thanks!!
April 21 2014, 01:20 pm by frankowillo |
What about the novices? Don't they deserve consideration too? You were also a novice at one time!
April 13 2015, 08:33 pm by bonnieann |
thanks - I like playing in the key of G and using the capo, works for me.
July 12 2015, 09:04 pm by cagale |
. Only first verse and first chorus have chords. Can't remember chord progression fast enough to get through second and third versus and additional choruses.
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