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+1   May 14 2007, 03:34 am by creeboy |

-5   August 11 2007, 02:58 pm by morellshrooms |
completely wrong and pitiful
+1   October 30 2007, 08:59 pm by axisallareas |
Close pretty good some of the chords are not in the right place but still a good tab.
+2   September 27 2009, 01:00 pm by flings+strings |
This was pretty good. The only thing I would change is that in the chorus you have a C then an F for the "Like green on the vine" part. I'm pretty sure the C is supposed to be an Am and then you go to the F but otherwise this is awesome and morellshrooms has no idea what they're talking about. 5 stars thanks!
+1   December 1 2009, 02:40 pm by Sapphire0221 |
Might I suggest for the bridge:

The fields have grown over now
years since the've seen the plow
Dsus (000230) Am
there'e nothing time hasn't touched

Can't remember offhand the names of those chords but they sound better than straight F.
December 12 2009, 01:40 am by mimi1125 |
i loooove this song. its so pretty
November 19 2010, 03:17 pm by Gohard1993 |
i think the bridge chords are F C Dsus A G C G
April 5 2011, 10:48 am by hamtramckmike |
I love this song. Great job transcribing it- its not a typical song.
There has been buzz about the correct chords in the bridge ever since the song came out
(003201) or (X03201) Am6 ??
(000230) or (XX0230) is a D9-no 3rd
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