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+23   February 16 2009, 01:19 pm by _x_PaPeRcUt_x_ |
This is very good =]
-22   February 17 2009, 11:06 am by jamiewb |
sorry but the chords arent correct. if you play along with the cd you can hear it just doesnt sound right!
-18   March 28 2009, 04:43 pm by Wondewall7 |
A strumming pattern to this song is now posted in my blog in my profile so check it out
+9   May 26 2009, 03:18 pm by amar |
Chords are correct, may be not 100% but to me good enough for cover. good work.
+6   July 1 2009, 11:14 pm by man_utd101 |
very good but not perfect in some parts. I love playing this song. Good chords XD
February 1 2010, 12:19 pm by ZepFan1995 |
If you pluck the first string of every chord and then the G string you get the bass part.
-3   April 25 2010, 03:39 pm by jamiewb |
not bad, but version 3 is better. If you want to play along to the cd and for it to sounds good, then version 3 has the right chords.
+2   May 5 2010, 09:53 pm by DA913 |
What's the strumming pattern?
May 29 2010, 06:38 pm by ledhead205 |
yeah what about the pattern
+1   May 29 2010, 07:59 pm by Hurricane27 |
maybe throw a wee Em7 instead of Em in chorus gr8 tab thou
+26   June 5 2010, 09:50 am by simoon321 |
Why do everyone need strumming pattern? How about trying to play it your own way?
+1   July 24 2010, 02:08 am by Leviticus501 |
great job, super easy!
+1   July 25 2010, 12:04 pm by Hellbound45 |
Chords aren't exact, but they harmonize with the song. My strumming pattern is just trying to latching with the back rhythm of the song.
-1   September 6 2010, 05:50 am by spider234 |
Capo on 4th is better.

-2   September 8 2010, 05:48 pm by mrsoccerj101 |
sounds good if you transpose it up 3 half steps and play some barre chords:] you get more of a feel for it.
+1   December 15 2010, 07:55 am by oasislad06 |
the am7 is meant to be a cadd9
April 25 2011, 01:06 am by hihellocya |
really good. may not be 100% but still sounds good.
-2   May 9 2011, 04:44 am by bromundo (: |
hello everybody :L

H E E Y iloove the chords ..
July 21 2011, 02:39 am by sarahann |
what is the strumming pattern im clueless :/
-1   September 22 2011, 01:10 pm by Livsocountry |
Theres alot more chords then how i play it. and i think it sounds better...cuz some of the chords here arnt needed.
November 30 2011, 09:55 pm by KansasGuitarGir |
Strumming Pattern: DUD at least that's how I play it.

Good tab! The chords aren't correct if you want the real version, but when you play it with these you can't tell the difference unless you play the other version! GOOD JOB!
+1   December 12 2012, 09:56 am by DaniquexJDxPOTC |
If you just listen to the song.. You hear the strumming pattrn..

I love it!.
I play it every day.

Grate Job ^^
January 2 2013, 08:53 am by iamfromsweden52 |
I just love this song...
Thnx for this chords!!!!!!!!!!
+1   January 15 2013, 05:32 pm by catking99 |
played this whole song through...knew it didn't sound right...was about to rate it as a one-star...
...then I noticed the "capo 3rd fret."
February 4 2013, 08:25 am by siegethetower |
this chord was edited for easy play. if you want exact playing like the cd, start plays on D# rather than C. all the interval progression was correct though. cmiiw. :)
February 16 2013, 07:08 am by DaniquexJDxPOTC |
Hahahaa. Thats priceless xD
March 7 2013, 01:44 am by Suparyn |
That's a good thing we have Capo on the third fret then if it's on D# rather than C >.<
March 7 2013, 06:51 am by siegethetower |
yeah, true. sorry me not see it. haha.
March 11 2013, 11:42 am by artie12342 |
Strumming pattern
Note: d=downstroke and u=upstroke
For each chord in the song play D,D,D,D,U
(On some chord you play this pattern multiple times)
March 17 2013, 02:40 pm by audreyrose96 |
The chords are correct, the Capo is supposed to go on fret 2 instead.
March 31 2013, 02:26 pm by khalil.santiago |
I played a Cadd9 instead of the C major and it sounded more like the song to me. Tell me what you think. Everything else is perfect, I love this tab.
June 21 2013, 09:27 pm by zemno |
I like it better with a C instead of Am7. Also I like using G as and D 05400 and Em 07500 sounds close to the original and cool when you have two guitars to play both ways.
-1   July 2 2013, 06:18 pm by catking99 |
OMG I agree so much, but this is the only song that I need it for. I just can't get it :(
August 19 2013, 03:01 pm by DylPicklezz |
I love this song!! Thank you for making it, everything is perfect!
August 19 2013, 05:41 pm by mickey1904 |
i just don't play the am7 it sounds better
September 5 2013, 07:03 am by edsirucha |
awesome score
September 28 2013, 11:28 pm by brotherBvideos |
The chords are correct, but the capo must be on 2nd fret.
September 29 2013, 04:58 am by jessie.elmoo |
The chords are right, but if you want to play the song in the original hight, the capo should be on the 2nd fred instead of the 3th.
Great song, love it (:
November 7 2013, 06:57 pm by liv_free |
SUCH a good jobbbb. :D
November 23 2013, 03:43 am by darenz |
awesome..good job.
January 21 2014, 02:58 pm by GuitarCovers |
think the chords are E D G Cadd9
February 7 2014, 10:01 pm by MacTM |
strum pattern?
April 2 2014, 12:16 am by xCmxDbicuaxD |
How it is play for NO CAPO? I don't have a capo, and it sucks.
April 11 2014, 06:53 pm by pereztriswehyan |
It is easy to know the strumming pattern of a song just listen to the song and the rhythm of it to find exactly the strumming of it by the way i used D,D,D,U,D,U or You can add extra strumming D,U after you changing a chords . . .
April 24 2014, 11:19 pm by callusking012 |
i have a lower register but i love this song. so if you have a lower voice, tune your guitar a half down. it works for me
June 3 2014, 09:29 pm by KatnissMary |
It is correct what are you talking about...
-1   June 4 2014, 01:36 pm by Mermaid88 |
didn't like this contribution
June 9 2014, 11:43 pm by Staccato27 |
hit the nail on the head there simoon.
Great tab to
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