by Jeremy Camp tabs | tabbed by bcwfootball54
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January 28 2009, 02:29 am by Stoofbird11 |
Very good, I enjoyed playing it. You were just a little sloppy with the spelling in the lyrics and the chords are a little bit off timing-wise in some places, but barely, I can't complain! Good job!
February 2 2009, 05:11 pm by addicted2gtrs |
i havent play with it yet so i cnt say if the chords are rite or wrong but i read "Stoofbird's" comment and the only word tht was spelled wrong was "Were" in the chorus and u have "wheb". so idk wut hes talking about with the miss-spelling.
+1   September 15 2010, 06:40 pm by cresch7 |
to play with the soundtrack it is actually capo 6.
March 30 2013, 03:01 pm by Pridai001 |
This is a wnderful song, your chords are working for me. Thanks a lot, God bless you.
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